How Therapy Helps

The first and foremost purpose of online therapy is to give you a safe space for disclosure. In your online therapy journey, you will know what an uninterrupted conversation feels like. It's easier to open up because you feel not judged but understood. Further, online therapy helps identify triggers for your emotions and allows you to discover your deep-rooted concerns. With guidance and practical tools, you will feel happier, stronger, and grow, at every step.

You can Improve Relationships, Build Confidence, Overcome Peer Pressure, Cope with Stress, Beat Anxiety & Outgrow Depression. It will EMPOWER you with skill sets to become the best version of yourself.

What Improves With Therapy


Are you looking to heal a troubled relationship? Online therapy can help. When it's difficult to move on from a breakup, it helps you deal with loss and build hope. Learn skills to rekindle the relationship.

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Self Esteem & Confidence

We are all inherently born worthy but some experiences make us question it. Understand the root cause and develop your self confidence with a structured online counselling approach.

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Depression,Stress & Anxiety

Some events in our life may leave us distressed, hurt or alone. And at times nothing can explain our difficult feelings and negative thoughts.Find out how online councelling can help.

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Be it stress at work, emotional troubles, personal crisis or increasing use of social media use, our sleep quality very often tends to take a hit. Get therapy now for better sleep and improved energy!

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Thrive At Work

Do you struggle with reaching your highest potential ? Unlock your potential in your professional life and embrace a new you before you decide to quit your job or change your field.

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Couple Counseling

Love isn’t enough sometimes. It can get difficult to manage relationships with challenging work, unexpressed needs and circumstances beyond control.

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Choose A Counseling Plan

Choose an Individual plan basis your therapy needs or view couple therapy plans here.

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  • 5 Sessions
  • Identify Negative Thoughts
  • Dig Deeper Into Your Concerns
  • Plan Short-Term Goals
33% OFF*


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  • 10 Sessions
  • Gather Actionable Insights
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence
  • Achieve a Short Term Goal
53% OFF*


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  • 15 Sessions
  • Develop Problem Solving Skills
  • Build Resilience
  • Reclaim Yourself
64% OFF*


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  • 25 Sessions
  • Stay on Top of Your Life Goals
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Become Your Own Therapist
78% OFF*


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  • 2 Sessions
  • Share in a Safe Space
  • Release Pent-Up Emotions
  • Build your therapy plan & Grow!
17% OFF*


BetterLYF Therapy Reviews

Therapy = Therapist

Talk to Top Rated Counselors Online

Your therapy experience depends a lot on your therapist’s approach, skills, empathy and compassion. We are committed and serious about your well being and hence handpick passionate and thorough professionals and put them through a rigorous training on BetterLYF’s online therapy approach to bring you the most fulfilling experience, always.

All of our online counsellors hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and undergo over 400+ hours  of rigorous training and supervision. With expertise in various psychotherapeutic techniques, they have assisted 5Lac+ clients to deal with the toughest life challenges and thrive in personal and professional space.


70 +

95% +


BetterLYF is the best Online Counselling Platform available on Chat, Call and Video. We provide Online Counseling for Depression, Breakups, Work Stress, Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Marriage, Parenting Challenges and more. You can speak to a counsellor anytime of the day for Psychological Counselling, Assessment, Consultation and to further explore if you need to connect to an online psychiatrist. Feel free to explore our interactive exercises that are formulated by Psychologists and are available online. It helps in coping with Anxiety, Building Communication, Improving Relationship, Achieving Work Life Balance and a lot more. We are available in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and also accessible on Phone, Chat and Video around the world. Reach out to know more on how an online psychologist can help.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the advantages of online counseling?

There are various advantages when it comes to Online Counseling. Accessibility is one of the primary advantages. Because the entire setup is online, one can access counseling from their home. Online counselling also helps with a lot of flexibility when it comes to the timing of an appointment which you can choose as per your convenience by choosing the mode of Psychological Counselling, be it call, video call or chat. Online Counseling is also advantageous in terms of finances because you can save the travel & inconvenience costs. You can start your online counselling with BetterLYF: The most trusted and rated online therapy service provider in India.

Can I get psychological counselling online?

Yes, you can get psychological counselling online with Online psychological counselling allows you to choose to take counselling from your therapist from the comfort of your home and at your convenient time. BetterLYF offers quality psychological counselling online by trained and experienced in-house therapists which is as effective as face-to-face counselling.

Is online counselling expensive?

Online Counseling is not expensive. In fact, it turns out to be less expensive than traditional in-house online therapy because it helps you save travel costs and also online therapy sessions at BetterLYF are more cost-effective. Therefore, online counselling being expensive is not true and online counseling platforms like BetterLYF offer counselling plans available at various price points.

How much does online therapy cost?

Online therapy costs like a traditional setup, sometimes lesser. You can expect a 20-minute session for as low as 400-1000₹ at some places while the average rate for a 40-60 minute appointment is somewhere between 800₹ to 2000₹. You can start your journey with BetterLYF by purchasing 2 sessions for 999 with the "Discus Plan" or with the "Bliss plan" where the per session cost is as low as 340.

Is my information secure and confidential in online counselling?

Yes, online counseling is secure and all your information is confidential. Online counseling setups ensure privacy and confidentiality of a client. BetterLYF offers anonymous and confidential counselling where the client's records are accessible only by the counsellor and the client. Usually, the portals used for online therapy are HIPAA and FERPA compliant portals such as Zoom (video platform) or (chat platform), or Spark (call platform). Though these are not Indian laws, the usual platforms used for various modes of online counselling in India as well are the ones mentioned above and hence have these regulations in place.

Who needs Online counselling and therapy?

Online therapy is for someone who is undergoing discomfort, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or emotional health challenges due to personal, professional or environmental issues such as Covid 19, climate change, or even inflation issues etc. Online therapy is also for people, who are unable to continue with traditional online therapy sessions. BetterLYF not only helps people heal from the above mentioned issues but also helps people to thrive in life with counselling for confidence, motivation, professional growth and fulfilling relationships.

How Can a Couple Benefit from Couples online Therapy?

BetterLYF counselling addresses couples online therapy with a 2-way approach. The first part starts with individual online therapy sessions with each partner to understand their perspective and then BetterLYF proceeds with a couple online therapy sessions to integrate those facts to help the couple understand how it shapes their relationship dynamics and resolves their issues. Couple online therapy is conducted via telephone or video call sessions at BetterLYF.

What services are being offered by BetterLYF?

BetterLYF is an online mental health counselling platform that offers confidential counseling sessions through online modes. The services offered by BetterLYF include, but are not limited to concerns regarding relationships, breakups, couples and marriage counselling, depression counselling , insomnia, anxiety, enhancing confidence, workplace stress, work-life balance, Employee Assistance Program ,stress-related concerns, etc.

How Can I consult the best online psychologist in India?

To reach out to the best online psychologist search for service providers with min 5 years of experience in counselling & online therapy. Look for online counselling providers with an in-house counselling team with experience and education qualifications. You can also check the number of reviews given to a service provider and the rating score on sites like google and Facebook. Check for more details.

In how many languages BetterLYF offers online therapy?

BetterLYF offers online therapy in English and Hindi primarily. However, the in-house counselors do speak multiple regional languages like Maithili, Malayali, Bengali, etc.

How do I choose an online counsellor?

Asking a few questions to yourself will help you narrow down your search for an online counselor, such as - the concern that you would want to address with your counsellor? You might not know the specifics until a few sessions. But a broader general spectrum like relationships, emotional issues, or others might help. Once you are aware of the concern you need assistance with, you can take a look at the Counselor's profile and if they have experience and expertise in handling the same issue. BetterLFY has a team of counsellors that excel in dealing with issues related to marriage, stress & anxiety, academics, professional life, friends, parenting, self-esteem and confidence and many more.

Why BetterLYF is the best online psychologist consultation website? is a 6 year old name in online counselling that helps people excel in their personal and professional life by helping them deal with day to day life stresses. We believe in delivering quality online therapy which is offered by the in-house team of counselors with rich experience, unlike others platforms that operate on commission based therapists.

The motto of BetterLYF as an anonymous counselling platform is to fight the stigma and normalize counselling and online therapy. BetterLFY is the industry's leading online counselling platform with 70% of clients coming back for counselling, and 90% reported improvement. BetterLYF uses a strong selection procedure, extensive training and review system for counsellors so that clients get the best online therapy. Not just this, what makes BetterLYF the most reliable online counselling platform is that it's confidential and secure, flexible, and cost-effective.

What is the medium for online therapy?

Like the various mediums for online therapy used these days, BetterLYF offers you to choose between video calls, audio calls and chat-based online therapy sessions which is completely safe to use.

What to keep in mind during online counseling?

Keeping a few things in mind before and during the counselling session will help you focus on the concerns you need help with without any hurdles. Ensure you have a high-speed internet connection so that there will not be any interruptions during the session. The place you have chosen is private and safe, without any noise around so that you can talk conveniently. Feel free and open-minded to sharing the facts with your counsellor. You can also write down the key points you want to discuss with the counsellor before starting the online counselling session, as this will keep you from forgetting any important matters you need help with.