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Who Needs Counseling

Needs Counseling

It’s sad, but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body. Nothing else justifies the indifferent treatment that’s bestowed on our mind. Counseling is NOT for crazies, it never was.Counseling is for ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase.

How Counseling Helps

Counseling Helps

Counseling EMPOWERS us by changing perspective and building resilience. A counselor will encourage you to share in a safe space, will listen to you intently, understand your thought patterns and then help replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

How It Works


Choose Suitable Plan

Sharing can make you feel lighter and healing can lead to self-empowerment. Choose an online counselling plan most suitable for your needs, preferences, and goals.


Connect To Your Counsellor

Connect to a professional counselor over Chat, Call or Video at a time convenient to you. You can also choose to be anonymous.


Begin Happiness Journey

Team up with your counselor to share your concerns and discuss challenges, experience therapeutic interventions and fulfill your therapy or counseling goals.

Client Reviews


Nibedita Upadhyai

I am really grateful to have discovered Betterlyf when I needed it the most and so far I have been having a really smooth ride with you guys and I am glad...


Rashmi Sonarkar

I have had a great experience with BetterLyf right from the beginning. Being an online counseling, I was a little worried at first but all the fear vanished away as soon as the sessions...


Soumyadip Roy

During the last few 14 days of the Quarantine period it was an unbearable pain, overwhelming anxiety and hopelessness and then I reached out to BetterLYF...


Sreyoshi Guha

I’d reached a point where I felt ill equipped to deal with my anxiety which in turn was manifesting itself in physical distress! At my daughters request, I reached out for therapy...

Age 23, UPSC Aspirant


Taking online therapy helped to clear all the confusions, questions, etc. The techniques which my therapist advised me are immensely helpful and I am able to calm my mind easily now.

Age 36, Surgeon


I sought help to deal with interpersonal skills at work and personal life. Therapy helped me realise how I think and the root cause of my actions that eventually affect my relationships.

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Choose A Plan



Relationship Help

Counseling helps you understand yourself and your relationships better. When it's difficult to move on from a breakup, it helps you cope with the loss and build hope. When trust starts to shake or you lose the spark, a counsellor can help vent out the negativity and fears and build a stronger relationship.

Build Self Esteem And Confidence

Not able to speak up to your mind? Do you feel judged or evaluated by others and it holds you back often? Counseling helps you build confidence and assertiveness by addressing your fears and using therapeutic techniques to enhance your self worth. You’d be surprised by your true potential.

Couple Counseling

Love isn’t enough sometimes. It can get difficult to manage a relationship with challenging work deadlines, evolving or unexpressed needs and circumstances beyond control. Couple therapy will help you reinvent yourself and revive your relationship into a resilient one and help decide what’s best for you and your partner.

Cope With Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Some events in our life may leave us distressed, hurt or alone. And at times nothing can explain our difficult feelings and negative thoughts. Counseling helps you identify triggers and negative thought patterns and offer techniques to cope with them. Find out what all a counselor can help with here.



Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships are an extension of individuals. Hence, they aren’t perfect but can evolve continuously. Most relationships stagnate after a while and are reduced to “fine” when they have the potential of being “fulfilling”. Therapy can help you bridge that gap. Strengthen your bond and watch your life improve with therapy.

Enhance Confidence

We all tackle self-doubts and fear of failure from time to time, be it in our careers, relationship, facing new life challenges. The good news is confidence is a skill that can be built at any stage in life. Our Therapists will help you to tame your inner critic and break patterns of self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Thrive At Work

Do you struggle with reaching your highest potential in your career? Are you achieving the goals that you have set for yourself professionally? Do you have a work-life balance? We are here to help you unlock your potential in your professional life and embrace a new you before you decide to quit your job or change your field.

Stronger Self

Why do some people sail through life’s storms, while others are knocked down? Resilience is defined as the remarkable ability of people to adapt to adverse situations that are physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. It is a learned ability, that can be learned by anyone and everyone at any stage of their lives.
Who Needs Counseling

Needs Counseling

It’s sad, but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body. Nothing else justifies the indifferent treatment that’s bestowed on our mind. Counseling is NOT for crazies, it never was.Counseling is for ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase.

Introducing Our First Self-Help Book

"She had become so cold overnight, I couldn't believe she wasn't coming back this time. I didn't know what to do, what to say to make things okay anymore. If only I could say the right things maybe Preeti would have stayed."

With this book, we bring you several real stories. Few are a reflection of first-hand or vicarious experiences, others are inspired by break up cases helped by the counsellors at BetterLYF.

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BetterLYF is the best Online Counselling available on Chat, Call and Video Platform. We provide Online Counseling for Depression, Breakups, Work Stress,Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Marriage, Parenting Challenges and more. You can speak to counsellor anytime of the day for Counseling, Assessment and Consultation. Feel free to explore our interactive exercises that are formulated by Psychologists and is available online. It helps in coping with Anxiety, Building Communication, Improving Relationship, Achieving Work Life Balance and a lot more. We are available in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and also accessible on Phone, Chat and Video around the world.