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Deepika Padukone On Depression

Deepika Padukone shares her experience with depression and anxiety while being at the peak of her career. She talks about signs of depression that were overwhelming and how she managed to overcome it.

Relationship Help

Whether you're trying to move on after a sour relationship or want to build a healthier relationship with your significant other, family or children; communication is of paramount importance and a relationship coach can help you identify negative communication and adopt healthy communication skills.

Cope With Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Depression, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Alcohol & substance abuse are the major mental illnesses across the globe. While some of these require psychiatric or clinical intervention, a counselor can provide supportive psychotherapy.

Build Self Esteem And Confidence

Personality factors such as confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, anger and building resilience need a therapeutic alliance to understand oneself better and deal with core concerns. Research states 80% of experience improved self confidence with a help of a counsellor.

Beat Work Stress

2 out every 5 professionals across the globe have emotional health concerns. Evidently, professional life is getting more stressful by the day. Whether you are working for someone or running your own venture, stress grips one and all. A life coach can help you in maintaining...

Overcome Fear Of Failure

There is always this indecisiveness and confusion while planning your career or taking a step in your relationship. There is incongruence in what you can achieve and what you are doing to achieve it. There could be various causes to why failing distresses you.

Interaction With Opposite Sex

Often we perceive more than just biological differences between the two sexes. Both males and females see the opposite sex as an alien species which seems fascinating to them yet mysterious. As children when the differences of the sexes are still to be...

Cheating In Relationships

There is no doubting the fact that a strong, blissful, and fulfilling relationship not only provides a person with the assurance of having a support system and constant partner-in-crime in place, but also impacts the way they tend to view themselves, thereby increasing their overall esteem, and confidence levels.

Beat Addiction

Something that tends to feel pleasurable during its initial times, but grows on to becoming detrimental to our overall well-being is Addiction. It enslaves our minds.Public health experts say that around 1 in 10 persons is said to be experiencing some or the other form of addiction...

Parenting Challenges

The love between the couple is the real cradle that holds the baby'- Julie Gottman. Child upbringing is a process that goes on from infancy to adulthood; it involves promoting and supporting the physical, social, financial, emotional and intellectual developments....

Who Needs Counseling

Who Needs Counseling

It’s sad, but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body. Nothing else justifies the indifferent treatment that’s bestowed on our mind. Counseling is NOT for crazies, it never was.Counseling is for ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase. Or for anyone dealing with a chronic, long-standing challenge that’s taking a toll on them...

How Counseling Helps

How Counseling Helps

The whole idea of counseling is to EMPOWER individuals through rationalizing of thoughts & feelings. Hence a counselor will encourage you to share in a safe and confidential environment, will listen to you intently, understand why you feel a certain way and then help you identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts...

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