We have always believed that mental wellness is an ongoing routine and should not be perceived as something you resort to for therapy only. Our in-house experts have curated the 21-day Happiness program to help you relearn What it Truly Means to Be Happy with Yourself and others

Ms. Sukriti Das
Counseling Lead with BetterLyf Clinical Psychologist, RCI Licensed (Reg. No. A81196)

Welcome to the 21 Day Happiness Program!

If you have been exploring new ways to keep yourself rejuvenated, if you want to sustain a state of happiness or If you are seeking the right tools for long lasting happiness then you are at the right place.

BetterLyf 21 day happiness program is a self reflective - evidence based program to facilitate a shift in perspective on how we view happiness. It is a program which is based on introspection, assessment, tasks & concept based experience which gives you the right tools to build happy habits.

The program involves giving 21 minutes everyday for 21 days with a daily flow which covers:


A Morning video introduction from our therapist on the topic of the day


An Afternoon Worksheet to evaluate a new perspective / skill building


An Evening Reflection Sheet : So that you may record your insight


A day end check In: Program members & counselor sharing thoughts on the subject

What is the 21 Day Program

A 3 Week Online Challenge designed to equip you with emotional wellness tools and exercises to cultivate your own happiness journey while enhancing your mental wellbeing.

​ Join us for a Peer to Peer interactive program where you learn by reflecting & doing

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Program Structure


WEEK 1 Demystifying Thoughts

Shattering the MYTHS of Happiness through self reflection activities


WEEK 2 Redefining Happiness

Reality check exercises to promote a shift in perspective redefining what happiness means


Week 3 Pursuing Smiles

Learn one Happiness Skill a day to persist happiness as a Habit.

Who Is It FOR?


Join in a social Group

Experience the 21 day happiness program with a group of diverse & not necessary like minded people from across India. Share thoughts, build bonds, motivate each other & get new perspectives from your diverse peers. Continue the journey with your new happiness friends post program


Join in with your Friends / Family

Go beyond weekly lunches, dinner plans, movie outings, monthly vacations - rebond with family like never before, rediscover each other & find the best way to communicate and sustain healthy & happy relationships.


Join in with your Colleagues

Is team bonding about team lunches, adventure trips, obstacle courses, going to a bowling alley or a paint gun course. It can be more that that with Betterlyf 21 Day Happiness Program. Know each other better, learn better styles of communication based on individual traits, keep the motivation going after the program too.


Personalized Individual Journey

For individuals who would prefer to experience the 21 day happiness program alone. A dedicated mentor / counsellor who will be hand holding you in this happiness Journey - share reflections and thoughts as and when needed. Enquire now for more details.

How does the Programme Benefit you?

  • Gives you an inner sense of control over your own happiness
  • Gives you skills so that you can combat daily stress
  • Aids you to nurture your self worth
  • Makes you more confident
  • Your learn how to take care of your emotional wellbeing at your own way
  • Gives you a peer group for future support
  • Allows you access to specialists who can help you learn concepts in detail post program

Program Features


Expert Video Guidance by


Pre & Post Happiness




DIY Happiness




Build Social
Support System


Self Help
Resource Bank




Self Reflection

How it WORKS ?


Enroll for the Program


Join the invitation to the WhatsApp social group


Start your happiness journey through sharing of reflections

Client Testimonials



It was very enlightening. The worksheets helped me become more aware of my patterns and needs. The tools and strategies will surely come in handy in difficult situations. Grateful to be a part of this.



It was very reflective and insightful and helped me to figure out the roadmap for my happiness!! Meenakshi



Really nice to be a part of this program... These tools would be helpful in understanding ourselves in a better way and ultimately moving a step forward for happiness.

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THE 21 Day
Happiness Program

Batch Starting 2nd January 2023

Cost: Rs. 6999/-

Special offer Price: 3999/-

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  • What is the 21-day happiness Program?
  • 21 day happiness programme is an interactive peer-to-peer self help program curated by BetterLyf L&D team headed by RCI licensed clinical psychologist. The program is for everyone who is looking to find personal meaning of happiness and also acquire specific skills to sustain it. The BetterLyf 21 day Happiness program can be experiences along with like diverse community of people who are looking to build similar skills and support community through this program. You may also invite your family, friends, colleagues to run this program in a closed known group to improve relationships and interactions. We take you on a journey of three weeks with us where we unlearn and learn about happiness and gather few essential happiness building skills To help you with an overview - Week 1: We help you shatter certain myths around happiness Week 2: We help you define and explore happiness. Week 3: Learn specific skills.
  • Why is Happiness so important?
  • The importance of happiness lies in the healthy emotional and mental health. It is like an apple to your diet! Like a habit , being happy can also be cultivated. If you are searching what happiness means to you, You are at the right place at the right time. Happiness enables you to become the best version of yourself and gives you the tools to be more productive & resilient to life challenges.
  • How it works?
  • If you are wondering where you can find happiness, we are here with our 21 day happiness programme. You are a click away to explore your happiness. Make the payment You will be sent an invite to join whatsapp group. You can join the Open group in case you are applying for an open community experience or the Personal group, where you share the space with your known family & friends. You will receive videos/worksheets on a ongoing basis You can submit the worksheets and share your reflection in the group You can reach out to the community to ask questions around happiness and to know more about their experiences
  • Is it a continuous 21 Day Happiness Programme?
  • It is a three week Program! After the three weeks you can connect with one of our counselors if you would like to continue working on cultivating happiness, building on any skill you want to foster and continue thriving. You can also build contacts with your community members to keep practicing concepts and to build your happiness circle.
  • Will I have to submit exercises and worksheets on time everyday?
  • “Self-discipline, punctuality and time management are very important – for life is short, and every resource you have must be well utilized so that you find enlightenment and liberation – your ultimate goal.” ― Dada J.P. Vaswani Yes, we would encourage you to submit your exercises and reflection on time everyday! Let the life changing habits start from here onwards :)
  • How soon will I start seeing results? And do they last?
  • You can start seeing results when you start seeing your perspective shifting through each day. The learnings stay with you, as we offer skills, worksheets and your personal tool kit to sustain it. You can always go back to them during and after your happy journey with us.
  • Who is eligible for this course?
  • Anyone and everyone deserves to be happy, therefore this programme is for anyone who wants to explore happiness. Suggested age to enroll for this program is 18 years and above. You can take this programme individually or also along with your family / friends / team and also can explore connections while working with a new group of people. Maybe with happiness you find connections too :)
  • Can I repeat the programme after taking it before?
  • The worksheets, reflection, and self care tool kit stays with you. You can go back to it whenever you need! You may continue sharing reflection and meaningful conversations with your whatsapp support group. If you would like to - we will be happy to have you on the program again.
  • What happens if I experience any problems?
  • You can share it on Whatsapp group with us, we will be there to help you through the challenge. Our counselor moderators will give you perspective wherever possible in a group setting. You can also book a session with one of our counselors to address any emotional challenges or skills you would love to build on further post the completion of the programme. What is the secret to happiness? The secret of happiness lies in the balance of emotions, state of mind and skills to sustain it. And, that is exactly where our programme helps you find and cultivate pursuing happiness as a habit.
  • What if I am not able to complete the exercises?
  • Simplicity is the key to happiness and therefore we have kept our worksheets simple and less time consuming. If you are not able to complete the exercise, not to worry, you can do it at your pace! The learning and the tools are created to help you at any point in time of your life.
  • What does Peer- to- Peer support means? How can it help me?
  • Peer to peer support means the group you can be a part of. You can choose to be in an anonymous group, or with your friends/family/Work team. The group fosters meaningful connections, finding relatability and support within the safe place.
  • What skills do I learn through this programme?
  • The 21 day happiness programme helps you to cultivate skills of regulating emotions, mindfulness, tolerating distress, finding your inner strengths, practicing gratitude and cultivating interpersonal skills. It not only helps you enhance your relationship with yourself but also with others. It also offers you a self-help tool kit, for your emotional distress.