Adjusting to New Enviroment


Along with the pressure of achieving excellence in academic performance, if there is an added stress of moving to a new place and adjusting to a new environment & people, it can feel all the more burdensome.
We all feel uncomfortable with unfamiliarity, and when we experience anything beyond our comfort zones. There could be scenarios like:
Moving out to new college: The whole transition from school to college may give us a feeling of newness of the environment Moving out of hometown: This can give us the experience of whole new set up, uprooted from a place of comfort to something absolutely unfamiliar.
Moving abroad: Moving to a new country may introduce us to different ways of living, which takes a lot of time to adjust, whether it is a new culture, or temperature.
Moving into new family: This would hold true for adjustments after marriage. Moving into a new family may require adjusting with new members at home, new place or a different lifestyle.
Moving out for work from college: This transition is equally important, since there is a change of lifestyle when you move out from college to work. The professional setup may require us to monitor ourselves and give us a sense of responsibility and accountability.
Whenever you are into a new environment, there are few things you would miss about your old environment; it could family, friends, partners or lifestyle.
How you can overcome the anxiety of adjustments:
Give yourself some time. Getting adjusted anywhere takes time, as our brain introduces ourselves to new place/members and takes time to accommodate with the new environment.
Taking out time to explore the new city or country, making new friends & having a support system can help in tiding through this adjustment period and focus on the goals that led us there.

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