One of the most commonly experienced phases of an individual's life is the time they spend studying. This may include the time while a person is schooling, as well as their collegiate life. An avoidable and inevitable part of these phases are exams. Every student is evaluated on the basis of their performance, which can be both verbal as well as written in nature. Based on the outcomes of these exams, the students are then provided with feedback and guidance. That said - be it burning the midnight oil, or last minute cramming, these experiences are a part and parcel or student life.
Certain root causes of exam stress may be a reduction in or absence of motivation, lack of parental and family support, high or unrealistic expectations from society, or competition from one's own siblings and peer group; which in turn may lead to fears stemming out of this distressing situation such as: the fear of judgement coming from parents as well as society, peer pressure and competition, academic biases based on performance, as well as a negative impact of these events over the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. The kind of stress and pressure one undergoes while preparing for their exams can feel quite overwhelming, and may even leave a student emotionally drained in the end.
As stressful as these times may seem, it is never impossible or too late to overcome them. One can take conscious efforts to identify their key strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out one's potential opportunities and threats depending upon the same. With constant self-belief, support of loved one's, as well as effective and timely communication of one's stresses one will be able to choose a path that will help them overcome the impasse instead of waiting for the wave of stress to engulf them.