Interview Stress

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Job interviews can be tough, even if you have gone on a lot of them. The high level of anxiety around interviewing can make life difficult, and even sabotage your chances of landing a job.Some anxiety around interviews is normal, and can actually sharpen your focus as a candidate.
The key to interview success, is to keep anxiety under control so the level of stress is manageable. Thorough preparation can go a long way toward easing interview stress. Identifying your most relevant skills, and be ready to share examples or anecdotes showing how you applied those strengths to work, volunteer, academic or co-curricular roles, and how you have generated some positive results. Researching your target company thoroughly, and being prepared to share why the employer and job in focus matches your interests. The old adage "practice makes perfect" applies to interviewing. The more familiar interviewing feels to you, the less anxiety you will feel with the process. Conducting a vigorous job search to generate as many interviews as possible is likely to lower the stress associated with any one interview Stress around interviews is often influenced by our assumptions, or the statements we make to ourselves about the process. Identifying and countering anxiety provoking thoughts can help to lower levels of anxiety.
Visualizing images of success can improve performance and alleviate anxiety. One other point to remember is that if you don't get this job, there will be another one. It just wasn't meant to me. Consider it a learning experience and move forward to the next opportunity.
Eliminate interview stress by following learning interview skills and practicing relaxation techniques and how to feel confident before the interview after all that you have done to get there!