Placement Anxiety

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Recruitment process can be a stressful time for any student where thoughts of

  • Tough recruiter
  • Difficult questions
  • Fear of getting blank during the interview - blackout in the middle of an interview is very commonly seen among students who are overly anxious about the event
  • Expectations out of self
  • Evaluating by comparing ourselves with others' performance
  • Financial obligation- For students it might not just be an interview but an ultimate way of achieving what they need because they are obligated to support themselves and their families financially
  • Lack of knowledge/preparation- This makes us feel less equipped and may leave us clueless and confused

can bring on sweaty palms and butterflies in stomach accompanied with anxious thoughts and disturbed sleep. According to researchers, especially in the case of timed tests, many students tend to lose their appetite and experience panic attacks in some cases. Students may experience sinking feeling and hot flashes before going for an interview. Lack of attention, unable to read/comprehend, unable to write/speak properly are some of the common problems reported by students
Youngsters in today's career driven world are subjected to a lot of pressure for securing a job. Pressure doesn't take too long to transform into suboptimal performance in the placement process. It's counter productive because unlike positive stress, it doesn't enhance our performance. A sub-optimal performance makes us even more anxious the next time. But the fact remains, we can only impact the outcome of our interviews by preparing well which includes
  • A well put together resume
  • Reading up about the organization
  • Understanding the skills required for the job profile
  • Going through commonly asked question
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Trying to stay calm and focused
  • Seeking guidance from faculty and friends
  • Putting our best foot forward
  • Understanding that this is not the sole opportunity -with each experience, we'll grow more confident.