Time Management

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There are often times when we find ourselves overwhelmed with the tasks to be completed within the stipulated deadline that we freeze & are unable to even start. At such times trying various ways to organize , prioritize & schedule tasks, saying no to unimportant commitments, taking breaks & getting rid of distractions like social media can lead to productive output and not feeling worked up.
Time management is the way of strategizing on how we can organize, plan and divide our time between specific activities. Good time management does not require us to work hard all the time, but it enables us to work smartly at our workplaces - so that we can get more work done in lesser time, even in times of high pressure and tight schedules.
Time management helps in dealing with various stressors like:

  • Overload of Work & Missing Deadlines: When the tasks and projects keep piling up, especially when the hurry of finishing present ones casts a weak memory on previous urgent ones.
  • Obstruction on career growth: Finishing work on time often fetches us good appraisals at work. When you don't finish your task on time, it exhibits an unprofessional attitude.
  • Work-Family Conflict: Do you often carry your work home? Ones that could have been handled in office? The pending work often eats up our quality time that we intend to spend with our family and loved ones. Thus, leading to stress at home.
  • Conflict of Role: Do you as a supervisor spend most of your time micro-managing or doing tasks that are the responsibility of your team member? Often, in the need to hurry up the tasks more effectively we assume the responsibility of others and forget to execute our own.
  • Keeping a check on progress: By organizing our work, we become better evaluators of our own work, and get time to better it.
  • Health-effect: The result of not managing your time, and thus burdened with piled up tasks might lead to chronic stress. Chronic Stress affects every domain of our life which might lead to ill effect in physical health.