what’s with that that smile? what is smile

What’s With That Smile?

What is Smile? Like a yawn, a smile is contagious too. Whenever you smile at a random person, chances are that the person smiles back. If you talk to someone …

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Melancholy- The Valleys and Peaks

Melancholy- The Valleys and Peaks

“She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die; And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips “ – John Keats, Ode to Melancholy Melancholy, popularly thought of as something that must …

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best depression quotes

Depression Quotes

Depression causes the persistent feeling of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities which were enjoyable before, and causes significant disability in functioning in daily life. Here are some depression … Read More
how therapy helped me

Therapy Helped Me Accept Myself The Way I Was

Client P, 22 years,  was feeling depressed, anxious which was triggered from smoking, drinking and consumption of marijuana, had a disturbed sleep cycle. He was struggling with various concerns like experiencing …

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feel worthless Inferiority Complex

What Makes You Feel Worthless

An inferiority complex is lack the self-worth, doubt and uncertainty about ourselves and feeling of not measuring up to the standards. This term Inferiority Complex was used in the 1920s by German  psychotherapist …

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SAD mood- Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD

How Summers Can Affect Your Mood?

While Kiara was enjoying the long hot summer, her brother Rahul had begun to cast a cloud of depression. He began to exhibit depressive symptoms like oversleeping, fatigue, irritability and …

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how to emotionally heal yourself

How To Emotionally Heal Yourself

Trauma and emotional pain are relative in terms of the effect on people. While death and dying may be the ultimate trauma, people can and do experience similar upsets when … Read More
overcome anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

Hope these coping mechanisms will help you to overcome anxiety. People also look for the anxiety meaning in Hindi or anxious meaning in Hindi. If you need help to cope with …

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sad or depressed

Am I Sad or Depressed?

Many experience sadness but feel that they are in depression, and many who are actually clinically depressed infer that they are just terribly sad or unhappy. Or are made to … Read More