Parineeti Chopra Opens Up About Battling with Depression

Parineeti Chopra

It is so easy to look at the glamorous lives of celebrities and assume that they have it all. Behind closed doors of their sprawling mansions it is extremely difficult to imagine the battles they fight within themselves. Turns out money, fame and lavish lifestyles don’t automatically mean the ability to shield oneself from mental illness but contrary to popular belief it leads these celebrities to being lonely, sad, and anxious and mostly, being unable to deal with their setbacks, leading them to depression.

A recent addition to the long list of celebrities that have won their battles against depression while living in the public eye, is Parineeti  Chopra. Once a young, bubbly and chirpy actress who was winning hearts and success with back to back blockbuster movies, she soon fell out of the limelight. Beginning a journey of self-consciousness, questioning oneself and being unable of coping with the stress of work and her personal life led her down a lonely dark path of depression.

In an interview with the “Film Companion” Parineeti opened up about this phase of her life describing it as one of the darkest phases of her life. From failing movies to suddenly not being able to earn the money or live the lifestyle she was used to by 2014 her inability to cope with her heartbreak left her hunting for positivity and things to look forward to in life.

Parineeti Chopra Battling on Depression

She turned into what she describes as being a “zombie” unable to eat sleep or find the will to go ahead and do anything with her time. She cut off from all her friends and family wanting to hide in her room and to be left alone. She claims that she cried and remained upset for days on end with an unexplainable pain that never left her body. However, her brother and her best friend Sahaj and Sanjana Batra came up as her rays of hope to encourage her to work on herself first and sort out her personal and professional life.

By 2016 she began a journey of fitness and slow progress while her professional life took a turn for the better with her signing more movies and moving into a new house. She decided to take her life into her own hands and pull herself out of this situation. She soon began engaging in the conversation and finding solace among her friends and family, improving her personal life.

She now claims that facing such hardship at the young age of 25 she is equipped to handle any and all failures and curveballs that life is set to throw at her. A journey and inspiration of using your best advisors and above all your willpower to overcome what lay ahead. she has set an example of using self-motivation and betterment of herself via fitness, to come out stronger and better than she could have ever imagined. Would she want to be in this place ever again? Most definitely not but is she grateful for being able to bring herself out of this dark phase of life? most definitely Yes.

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