Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistant Program

“You will never truly be satisfied with work unless you are satisfied by life” – Heather Schuck

What do you, as an organization, suggest to an employee who has fever? To go home, take some rest, seek professional help, right? Well, then why not help your employees with their mental wellbeing as well? Mental health is as important as the physical health and both go hand-in-hand.

Employees are the most crucial part of the success of any organization. The satisfaction of employees is directly proportional to the boom of an organization. With the rushed and busy life in this modern world, we often tend to ignore our health and most importantly our mental health either due to the taboo attached to it or due to lack of awareness. It isn’t shocking that as per a poll conducted by The7th Fold 2020 with 509 working adults from India’s metropolises and various industries, 36% of workers experience some form of mental illness. Adding to it, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the mental health condition worse, raising major questions about it. According to a PwC survey on employees’ financial wellness in 2021, 63% of workers had been under financial stress since the COVID-19 epidemic started. In another survey carried out by Deloitte during the second wave of the epidemic, India was placed first in terms of fear among 18 nations.

Physical Health vs Mental Health

According to these findings, workplace mental health needs immediate attention.
In the words of Hamsaz Wadhwani, Founder and Chief Executive of the 7thFold, “It is a well-known fact that physical and mental wellbeing are correlated, and one cannot be managed at the expense of the other. The work from home concept due to Covid-19 was literally adopted overnight by employers creating a whole new set of challenges for all stakeholders.”A variety of physical ailments, including hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders, among others, can be aggravated by poor mental health at work. According to recent research, employee effectiveness is related to workers’ mental health and boosts total organizational efficiency. Consequently, it is critical to give employees’ mental health first priority.

Factors that Impact Employee Mental Health

Employees’ mental health can be impacted due various factors, some of which could be –

  • Difficulty in maintaining the work-life balance which may add to stress in their personal lives.
  • People relocating to different cities may be distressed due to the cultural shift which adds on to the loneliness one may feel being isolated from family and the new work environment.
  • Poor management structure among other factors of Organizational Climate.
  • Work and peer pressure correlated in the race to climb up the ladder in the career aspect.
  • Saturation point in terms of growth and learning in the organization.
  • Monotonous nature of work.
  • Lack of appreciation, incentives, and promotions that may make the employees feel demotivated to give in their best.
  • Over comparisons among peers by the management.

Factors that commonly cause work-related stress include:

In terms of data, here are a few sources of stress that employees faced as per the 2020 survey:

  • Self/Family Physical Health (32%)
  • Work task and deadlines (31%)
  • Self / Family Mental Health (25%)
  • Performance Appraisal (22%)
  • Social distancing / isolation (18%)
  • Relationship issues (17%)
  • Being laid off (16%)
  • Children’s Education (13%)

“Chandler had been working with the Geller Audit Solutions for the past 2 and half years. His promotion to the senior position was due this year for which he was working very hard, despite the fact that he was never really fond of the work he was doing. Recently, the management of the team was changed and everyone was aligned with different seniors to work with, changing everyone’s client portfolio. Due to this change being made in the middle of the year, the seniors and the associates didn’t get a chance to build a rapport making the workflow fraught. Adding to this was his personal financial stress. Due to the performance pressure to achieve the promotion, Chandler was always overworking, did not get any personal time which made him worry about not achieving his personal goals. He was always cribbing about his senior’s actions to his peers. Not only did this impact his mental health, it in turn impacted his efficiency. This lead to the delay in deliverables, upsetting the onshore team members and the client almost fired the firm as this could have delayed the reporting of their financials.”
This is an example of how a small change can impact an employee’s mental wellbeing which can lead to a huge impact on the business as well.

Corporate wellbeing is one of the best incentives an organization can provide to its employees, that makes sure the employee’s happiness, satisfaction, health, and motivation to work. The employees, then, not just only work for their jobs but also for booming the organization’s business.

This is where the Employee Assistance Program comes into the picture.  An employee Assistance Program or a Corporate Wellness Program is a work-based intervention program aimed to help employees deal with any issues impacting their mental wellbeing that might be negatively influencing their performance. The major service provided under the Corporate Wellness Program is Therapies by Professional Counseling and Clinical Psychologists among other domains of therapists.

Under the Employee Assistance Program, corporates collaborate with mental health providing organizations in order to provide therapy sessions to their employees, the cost of which is borne by the company itself. This not only benefits the employees working in the corporate but also improves the corporate wellness as a whole, the side benefit being the improved business.

With the advanced digitalization of everything around us, therapy is also now available to every individual and so under the EAP as well, employees can opt for Online therapy from anywhere around the globe.

We, at BetterLYF aim to provide online therapy services to the corporate employees working hard every day and yet fighting a battle silently with their thoughts, anxiousness, depression, and many other such concerns. These therapies can be availed one-on-one with a personal dashboard on our platform or even a couple therapies if they are going through some stress with their partners.

Apart from the therapy services, we also provide self-help resources (articles and blogs), assessments, managerial sensitization, and much more for the employees.
Moreover, we also arrange for webinars and workshops for the corporates to increase awareness and screw the taboo pertaining to mental health.

“Remember that work and life coexist. Wellness at work follows you home and vice versa.”—Melissa Steginus
So, just like your physical health, never ignore your mental health, not even for your work. Your workplace is what can help you with your well-being.

So take a step towards your well-being today and reach out to us.

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