grief quotes

Grief Quotes

Encountering the loss of a companion or someone special, losing a job or home, or having a noteworthy change in a day-to-day life, like, the end of a relationship, can …

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counselor quotes

Counselor Quotes

There come times in life when we have days of joy and happiness that makes us feel fulfilled and then sometimes we feel less inspired or motivated than usual. Sometimes …

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love quotes in tamil

Love Quotes in Tamil

LOVE QUOTES IN TAMIL Love is pure, pleasing, painful, sweet, and dreadful, all at once. But, love is a basic necessity in every human’s life. We all need love and …

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karma quotes

Karma Quotes

The wise man once said you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice. A human is seldom shackled in the web of …

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best depression quotes

Depression Quotes

Depression causes the persistent feeling of sadness and/or loss of interest in activities which were enjoyable before, and causes significant disability in functioning in daily life. Here are some depression … Read More
Love Quotes in Telugu

Love Quotes in Telugu

LOVE QUOTES IN TELUGU Love, A pleasurable feeling that everyone wants to experience in his/her life. This feeling is different for everyone, like a passing attraction, confusion or just a …

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best love failure quotes images

Best Love failure Quotes

As Aristotle said, “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting 2 bodies”. Being in love can be the most amazing feeling, something everyone wants to experience. But falling out …

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love failure quotes

Love Failure Quotes

LOVE, these four letters holds the magic that fills our world with colour and happiness. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you lose it but ultimately it stays in your … Read More
true love quotes with images

True Love Quotes

Talking about true love, expectations, relationships, it is too subjective and individualistic to everyone hence difficult to write down a general concept. Have you ever wondered how far should a …

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inspirational quotes

Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Going

Inspirational Quotes when we hit the bottom rock we feel stressed and demotivated. Here are some Best inspirational quotes to keep you going 🙂   Share these inspirational quotes with …

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