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Islam is a religion of faith. It is said that one who has a belief in Tawheed (Oneness of Allah) is a Believer. Many of the Islamic quotes suggest us how patience (sabr) and faith (Aqeedah) in the destiny that Allah has penned down for each one of us is one of the fundamental characteristic of a believer.

Islamic Quotes

Some of the best Islamic quotes are obtained by verses from Quraan. Allah (The Almighty) tests the Faith and Patience of the believer through Hardship. In Quran, 67:2 He said: “Allah is He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in deed.”

Significance of Islamic quotes

Beautiful Islamic quotes about life and spirituality also help in positive mental health. They try to promote strength and resilience helping people to act in ways that will benefit them in life. Counseling psychology also depends on Gratitude as a factor of positive change in life. Beautiful Islamic quotes also tell us how Islam teaches people to be grateful. The concept of Gratitude (Shukr) has inverse relation with psychological problems such as depression, stress and anxiety.

Verses from the Quraan are also obtained by scholars as solution for various mental health concerns. One such beautiful Islamic quote mentioned from the Book which says “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and being overpowered by men.” This is a popular Dua suggested for anxiety, sadness or depression.

Hadiths are saying from Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) delivered for Islamic guidance to people. They say no matter what we are facing in life, there are always solution and guidance through The Book (Quraan) and the Messenger (S.A.W). Islamic quotes about life suggest Unity in Mankind. Islam does not propagate any kind of Racism. In Islam there is just the concept of Ummah i.e. community an there exist no hierarchy and classism in this Ummah.

Best Islamic quotes with images

Islamic Quotes

“Worldly life is short, so turn to Allah before you return to Allah.” – Anonymous

Short Islamic Quotes

“Do not lose hope, nor be sad.” Quran 3:139

Islamic Quotes With Pictures

“Never underestimate the power of Dua (supplication).” – Anonymous

Islamic quotes in English

“Allah makes the impossible possible.” -Anonymous

Islamic Quotes in English -Quran

“Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not like a stone, found everywhere.” –Anonymous

Islamic quotes about life with images

“No one will reap except what they sow.” -Quran 6:164

Islamic quotes about life

“For indeed, with hardship ease.” -Quran 94:5

Best Islamic Quotes

“Allah is with the doers of good.” –Quran 29:69

Best Islamic quotes from Quran

“Allah is with those who have patience.” -Quran 2:153

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

“Before going to sleep every night, forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.” –Anonymous

“The heart that beats for Allah is always a stranger among the hearts that beat for the Dunya (world).” –Anonymous

“Dua (supplication) has the power to turn your dreams into reality.” –Anonymous

short Islamic quotes

“Once prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.” –Anonymous

New Islamic Quotes

“Call upon Me, I will respond to you.” –Quran 40:60

Top Islamic quotes

“Allah makes the impossible possible.” –Anonymous

Best Islamic Quotes

“Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not like a stone, found everywhere.” –Unknow

“Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence.” –Anonymous

“The more you let go, the higher you rise.” –Anonymous

Islamic Quotes on Life

“Allah tests us with what we love.” –Anonymous

“And it is He who created the night and day, and the sun and moon.” –Quran 21:33

“Taking pains to remove the pains of others is the true essence of generosity.” – Abu Bakr (R.A)

“A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier.” -Anonymous

“Forgive others as quickly as you expect Allah to forgive you.” -Anonymous

Best Islamic quote about life and diseases from The Holy Prophet(S) advice mankind to Cure Themselves, for he has created a specific medicine for any single kind of disease, except old age. According to this beautiful Islamic quote, there is solution for all kinds of physical and mental health concerns and it is up to us to seek help and online therapy.

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