Do I need therapy? 14 signs you might need therapy

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Everyone at some point may feel stressed, burnout, fatigue, defeated, rejected and many such emotions. When we experience emotional distress most of us tend to choose a different approach, few like to turn towards friends, some resort to binge-eating and some face the problems as they are and some like to watch Netflix, rolled up in a blanket with an ice-cream bowl in hand. So when do we know we need therapy?

Usually people approach counsellor when experiencing major life stressors like loss of a loved one, troubles in a relationship, and stress due to transition. But is counseling only taken during extreme situations? Well, not really, counselling is something that can be inculcated in your daily lifestyle. It is as normal as getting a health checkup!

According to American Psychological Association, signs you could seek therapy if one or more signs are interfering with your daily functioning.

  • Facing trouble in maintaining relationships.
  • Facing difficulty in caring for oneself and others.
  • Difficulty at work, school and college.
  • Increase in health issues and hospitalization.
  • Suicidal Ideations.

What makes a therapist different from your friends and family members?

A therapist is a professionally trained listener who assists a person to deal with emotional challenges and get to the root cause of the problem while at the same time bringing efficient changes in life. They operate on elements like empathy, the absence of any bias, and active listening. They equip you with cognitive and emotional skills which can also inculcate a sense of independence in you where you become master of your own thought. Media depiction of therapy has made people believe that therapy is just having a conversation. But in reality, what goes beyond talking is skillful administered delivery of comfort. You can express whatever comes to your mind without any fear of judgment, as a therapist truly accepts who you are, even the parts of you, you struggle to express.

14 signs you need therapy

  • Going through a stressful transition

We all go through a state of stressful transition in different phases of life. Unmanageable stress can take place in instances like moving from school to college, from college to getting a job, getting married, moving to a different place. The state of change can be very discomforting at times. Therapy can help you take new perspectives and identify various benefits involved making change.

  • You feel overwhelmed

Sometimes our external environment can make us feel overwhelmed with feelings of anger and irritability. We can feel several emotions at the same time. Therapist will help us to understand and label our emotions. They also help you to identify external and internal factors that are contributing factors to anger and irritability. You can also process those emotions well.

  • Having irregular sleep pattern.

Sleep is associated with mental health, as per the previous researches it has been found out that sleep problems are associated with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attention  deficit hyperactivity disorder. At the same time, there is not a necessity that people with mental health diagnosis are more likely to have sleep problems. People with excessive working hours too face insomnia. Insufficient sleep is also associated with emotional vulnerability. Online Counselling or therapy can help you identify the reasons behind your irregular sleep patterns.

  • Feeling stuck in life

There are times when you would feel stuck and stagnant. You might be applying several things in life, however, nothing seems to be working well. A therapist can help you find your goal or design them yourself at the same time figuring out various anxieties and fears that is holding them back. You can also get in touch with your values and align your goals accordingly.

  • Feeling hopeless

Sometimes we ruminate and create a negative spiral. If you experience hopelessness on most days, then seeing the light at the tunnel can be extremely disappeared. If feels of hopelessness proceeds, it can also be a sign of depression. Which online therapy one can instill back hope.

  • Experiencing Isolation.

Have you experienced isolation lately where you avoid going to social events? You observe yourself slowly drifting away from your closely knit people that you earlier used to enjoy with. Then it is time to consider online therapy. There could be many reasons as to why one can isolate themselves, few reasons being that you have lost interest in things or you feel insecure. A therapist can help you develop interpersonal skills enabling to gain social support again.

  • Facing issues in Relationship

Have you been experiencing frequent fights lately and having a hard time to arrive on common grounds?  You feel that your needs are not being met in a relationship. You feel that nothing you do can fix your relationship, then online therapy can assist couples to develop healthy communication and work to improve their relationship. They can also release maladaptive patterns rooting from childhood trauma thus, enabling you build a meaningful relationships.

  • You find yourself ruminating

Do you often find yourself in a trap on revisiting your past, often consisting of negative memories. If you experience negative memories while driving or in the middle of the chores and having frequent dreams of what happened and what went wrong. This just simply conveys that you are trying to process something. However, if it continues to happen then then you might need a therapist to process.

  • You always think you should.

When you work on the basis of should then that could clearly mean that you are working on what people expect you to do. Sometimes these expectations can become burdensome. When you give too much thought to what others think, then you often lose touch with yourself. Online therapy can help you understand yourself better.

  • Unable to regulate emotions

There are times when emotions can overpower our actions and response towards others. We might react in rage and often regret our actions later. This simply mean that we are unable to regulate our emotions. Therapists can help you build emotional regulation skills.

  • Irregular eating habits  

If there is a change in eating habits than usual, you could be indulging in emotional eating.

This could include you eating more or less than normal. The people having mental health struggles, often develop binge eating, bulimia and anorexic.

  • Traumatic past

It is not always necessary that you have to be in battlegrounds for you to develop trauma, you can have several other incidents like bully at school, troublesome parental issues, loss of someone at a critical point in life. A person may experience consistent flashbacks. A online therapist can help to relieve those memories by creating a safe place.

  • Facing problems at work

When work environment doesn’t suit your expectations, then you can have a hard time adjust at work which can also cause mental health problems like burnout, low motivation, and irritability. Research conducted in 2010 stated that many people left their office, took consistent sick leaves, or leave a jobs.

  • Use of substance

There are times when the increase of stressors that you seek refuge in taking substance.  Substance can be temporarily soothing but it can have a long devastating effect on both mental and physiological health. A therapist can help choose effecting coping style.              

Seeking help is a sign of courage. Don't let self-limiting beliefs hold you back from a life you deserve. Avail online therapy to become happier and better. Learn how

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