Coronavirus Anxiety- How To Deal With It


Fear thrives on uncertainty. The longstanding principle of fear has thrived off our population for decades and seen surges with unexpected outbreaks such as the Coronavirus.

The outbreak of the novel disease caused by Covid-19, has caused a community-wide panic due to the uncertainty and dread. The invisible disease has created a quite visible stir with rising levels of anxiety due to the unknown. Driven by technology and widespread misinformation, the stress of the situation is not only visible but also dampens your immunity system furthering chances of catching on the unknown- and not inevitably the virus itself!

“In situations such as these, it is important for public health administrators to spread the right amount of information and make aware the people the science behind the outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19 and ways how to prevent it”, says Schoch Spana, a senior scientist at John Hopkins Center for Health Security. She believes that we need to indulge in inadequate precaution and work towards pushing back the widespread anxiety.

Managing Your Coronavirus Anxiety

1. Read and be aware of what’s happening-

And no, we don’t mean all those WhatsApp forwards! Reach out to the right sources, read up on the right information about coronavirus or COVID-19 that organizations such as WHO, BBC, and Forbes have put up that are directed out of the right sources

2. Be Prepared

Anxiety thrives on a lack of control. Being aware of the situation and taking the right precautions including thorough hand washing and sanitizing, keeping a safe social distance, reaching out to doctors even if you experience mild symptoms.

3. Prioritize To De-stress

Stressing about the unknown can give you sleepless nights and compromise on having healthy meals. In any situation, whether a pandemic virus or not, these are healthy steps to employ in one’s life. Drink a lot of water, throw in some exercise to ring up those lazy muscles and create an active lifestyle that boosts your immunity and builds your strength. Become your own stress manager.

4. Employ Anxiety Management Techniques

  • Use grounding technique if anxious thoughts flood you- like attending to 3 things you can see, 2 things you can hear, and 1 thing you can touch.
  • Check Fact Vs Assumption
  • Avoid Catastrophizing- What is the probability of possibility that you’re obsessing over? What does the data say about your location? What can you do to help yourself right now?

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