How to Find a Therapist Near You?

If you are wondering, “How would I discover a therapist close to me?” This is an indication that you are already trying to help yourself with the various mental concerns. Seeking therapy can help one better deal with psychological and emotional concerns developing from the environmental, social or personal front. Therapy can help one address these concerns and set actionable goals to overcome distress and negative thinking.

Traditionally therapies used to take place in clinics and counsellor’s offices but in the present scenario, online therapy has been one of the most beneficial sources of help. It reduces travel time and cost and can be very helpful for people who are shy in person and do not want to face the therapist directly. The online platform provides them with an opportunity to reach out via chat, call, email or video. 

To find the best therapist for yourself, firstly you should list down the concerns you have been facing and if you want to seek couple, individual, family or marriage counselling.

Finding a therapist or authorized social worker that practices mainstream sorts of therapy like CBT can at first present a few difficulties. While beginning therapy is a demonstration of courage, you need to approach that equivalent mental courage to make the strides expected to discover a therapist that is a decent counterpart for you and the issues you are looking to start your recuperating cycle. This is particularly the situation in case you are experiencing difficulty working because of uneasiness, depression, or other emotional wellness issues.

Before you begin looking for a therapist close to you, first it’s essential to figure out which sort of therapy is directly for you. On the off chance that the issues that you are having issues around you and your family, you presumably need to search for somebody who has practical experience in family therapy like a marriage family therapist or Social worker. In case you are having relationship issues, you’ll need to see a therapist who gives therapy to the two people and couples like a marriage family therapist.

Marriage family therapists can work with couples, families, and people having relationship issues. Individuals enduring severe depression or anxiety concerns might need to consider seeing a clinical psychologist who can help with inpatient and outpatient therapy. 


While seeking the right therapist, try to ask for a consultation before going in for therapy. Discuss your concerns and see how therapy can help with the issues you are facing. It will firstly help in breaking the ice and secondly in understanding if therapy can help you or not. One can also check if they would be comfortable with the same counsellor.

Try to ask questions and clear your doubts regarding the therapy which would be beneficial and the therapist’s licence and experience. One can also ask for testimonials or ask their other clients if they are benefitting from the therapist.

Other things to keep in mind before seeking therapy

  • Budget – be mindful of the amount of money you would like to spend on therapy and accordingly you can search for counsellors. check if therapy covers your insurance.
  • Availability of the Therapist – this is also very important as it will ensure the flow of the therapy will be continuous. 
  • Willingness to Change – this means that if you are seeking therapy under pressure or you would genuinely like to work on yourself.
  • Figure out if you would like to continue with traditional therapy or online therapy.

Qualifications for Counselling Psychology

Master’s degree in Psychology/Social Work is a must to be a counsellor or therapist in India. Other qualifications include specialization in counselling or clinical psychology or a diploma in guidance and counselling. You can ask your counsellor or therapist’s qualifications to ensure if they are authorized to practice.

Find Therapist Near Me

To look for therapists both online and offline:

  • Try to be more specific while searching for a therapist for example if you need therapy for trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, etc.
  • Visit the profiles provided online of the counsellors on platforms like LinkedIn
  • Request them a Call-Back to discuss your concerns and check if therapy can help.
  • Ask Friends and family if they know a therapist to explore more options.
  • Look for reviews given by other people
  • Visit websites of the platforms which offer online therapy if you like to choose the online mode.

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