4 Ways of Taking Care of Your Mental Health When Living in Abroad

living abroad and mental health

Living and working abroad can take a toll on your mental health. Here are 4 ways of coping up.

Living in a foreign land might become extremely tough given the cultural difference and emotional turbulence that some people go through. Behind the perks of exploring an exciting place, we shadow the concept of coping up with mental health issues when living in abroad that might exist or aggravate with time.

Life abroad is anyway very fast with less to reflect on life. Mental health issues like Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma are quite common with respect to different domains of life.

Hence there are certain way you can work towards your mental health in order to maintain a positive mind set.

1. Practicing Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is a great method to be present in the current moment and taking things bit by bit. It is a key component in the treatment of almost all mental health issues. Following a routine is very crucial especially when you’re moving to a new country.

It helps you structure and plan how your day would look like thereby setting your priorities the right way. Starting the morning with a bit of cardio, helps the body release endorphins which makes you feel productive. Followed up by guided or regular mediation would help eliminate negative thoughts.

Incorporating one or two mindfulness basis activities like mindful walking, eating, bathing, watching wherein you just focus on the content of the activity that you have taken up, helps to a great extent.

practicing mindfulness

2. Therapy Services:

It goes without saying that shifting and living abroad involves a lot of significant adjustments that impacts people. Some changes are easily accommodated whereas some are not. Therapy can be a safe place for someone going through series of changing events in their life and it also helps them rationalize and get perspective around it.

It instils hope in the person who is going through either an episode of depression or a panic attack that he/she doesn’t necessarily understand. Having someone who can give them clarity, empathy and unconditional positive regard, really makes them feel better and cope up their issues in a better way. It builds the idea of patience and resilience.

Therapy Services

3. Medical help:

Sometimes a lot of our issues are there but we cannot name it. Until we know what is impacting us with what intensity, we can never fix it. People who shift to a new country are often scared of approaching medical help given they don’t know how it really works there. One should always do detailed research or take help from someone to know about the medical facilities available in that particular country. One should always have emergency back up ready in case you feel the way you are feeling becomes way too intense.

In case, someone is already taking a medication say for example any anti-depressant, then knowing the drug that you’re taking, knowing any alternative drug apart from that also helps in crisis situations.

Having a rough idea about mental health practitioners, doctors, hospitals etc. around are a must. It makes the person feel a little more confident in dealing with adverse situations. Keeping a close friend informed also works out in such situations.

Medical help

4. Finding the right Company:

In most cases, people who shift abroad or to a new place witness loneliness, vulnerability and ends up feeling a little lost. Here, finding people that you can vibe with or someone who you can develop a bond with in foreign land, really helps people to feel better. A lot of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Bumble etc helps one to connect with new people who can help you explore and understand their country better. Rather than feeling empty, giving a chance to the place and its people might help you feel better emotionally.

Overall, it’s not an easy journey to leave your own country and be in some other but any change is gradual. Having patience and faith in how you face your challenges really makes a lot of difference. There will be places wherein one might feel very low, lonely, left out and lost but constant positive self-talk, self-care rituals, physical activity, good communication, hobbies and a healthy lifestyle can actively help you cope up such challenges.

Still if you face any challenges and you feel something is stopping you from thriving in multi-cultural environment and achieving your goals, BetterLYF Counselors are there to hear you and support you in taking care of your emotional health.

Finding the right Company

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