How to practice Positive Discipline

What is discipline? Primarily, discipline is related to educating, instructing and correcting but parental discipline could be linked to gardening. The way a gardener prunes the plant to prevent inclination … Read More
single parent

Single Parents

Parenthood on one hand has always been something that majority of the masses have beautifully written about. From calling it an absolute blessing, to a wonderful learning experience - great … Read More

Confessions Of Mothers

Two souls in one body a miracle ordained by the universe. It’s just me and you my little one, 9 months where you teach me to care for my self … Read More
style of parenting

Find Out Your Parenting Style

Has your child started avoiding interactions with you lately? Is he demanding for stuff that you think is ridiculously expensive? Has your child been having troubles making friends? The key … Read More
parental pressure

Parental Pressures on Students

Nations all over the world appreciate the Indian parent-child relationship. It is a bond that instils love, care, and an eternal sense of belongingness. As supportive as Indian parents are, … Read More
talking to my daughter

Talking To My Daughter But Looking At My Phone

There are many times that I have even noticed myself nodding my head at my daughter with my eyes fixed on the mobile phone screen. It startles me and soon after which, I consciously put the device aside and establish eye contact.

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