Parental Pressures on Students

Parental Pressures on Students

Nations all over the world appreciate the Indian parent-child relationship. It is a bond that instils love, care, and an eternal sense of belongingness.

Let’s talk about parental pressures on students in India. As supportive as Indian parents are, there are very many expectations that they tend to keep from their children, which in turn causes them to pressure their kin to study, learn, and function a certain way that is in accordance with what or who they want their child to be.

Parental aspirations is what leads to parents expecting their kids to conduct themselves in ways that would compliment snd promote their parent’s dreams, some times at the cost of their own goals and ambitions.

The above representation shows Indian parents to be the second most pressure-inducing individuals in the world after China. It is also evident that parental pressure on students is ‘too much’ – something that we should all think about. Is it necessary that pressure will always have only positive outcomes? Could it lead to an unfavorable situation as well?

In that moment, nobody ponders over the different outcomes of parental pressure. However, don’t you think it is about time we put careful thought into what we expect and how much to desire from our children? Isn’t it all about being happy in the end? Think about it.

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