what is marriage

What is a ‘Marriage’ ?

What is Marriage ? Is it the meeting of two minds, two souls, two bodies , two societies or two lifestyles. Is marriage limited only to two people.. ? But …

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Online Dating Facts

In today's modern world, our outlook towards the concept of 'dating' has evolved. With dating specific apps like Tinder and Happn gaining significant market presence over time, people are growing … Read More
Are You a love addict

Are You Addicted To Love?

The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being “Oh my god, my heart is pounding”, Reshma whispered to herself excitedly. “I think he finally is the …

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being single is cool

How I Realised Being Single Is Cool

In today’s time where almost everyone is in a relationship with their loved ones. People keep asking me “Why aren’t you in a relationship? You’re so beautiful and confident; You … Read More

How To Give Your Partner Space?

There are several phrases that, when uttered in a relationship, can make your blood run cold. Like there is the much dreaded breakup, but there are also some more benign … Read More

How do you resolve conflicts

Just as romance, affection and love is a part of romantic relationships, so is conflict, disagreements and arguments. Conflict within a relationship is usually seen as a harbinger of trouble, however it is … Read More

Dealing with Relationship Problems

Taran and Shefali’s Story We live in a world that obsesses over relationships. We love the idea of romance, because it instills a sense of belongingness and fulfillment within us. … Read More

What’s your Love Language?

A famous research by Dr. Gary Chapman revealed that there are 5 ways of expressing love and affection, and each individual has their own need and way of expressing the … Read More

When They Wouldnt Love Us Back

One sided love has been romanticized by love stories, songs and movies as something that hurts us but helps us to grow through the pain. The common notion is about … Read More
how does a breakup feel

How does a breakup feel

When a serious relationship breaks, psychologically our natural response to it is very similar to that for a traumatic event. The period post breakup is full of blurry visions of … Read More

10 Ways to Deal With Marital Conflict

Conflicts are commonplace in all types of relationships, be it family, business partners, colleagues, friends, etc. Marriages are no different. For some people to believe that perfect marriages don’t involve … Read More

Rebound Relationships

What is a rebound? A person is identified as having a rebound when he enters a relationship quite soon after a breakup. It is an undefined period wherein a person … Read More

Nine Steps towards Better Communication

It is a commonly held belief that communication comprises of simply talking but in actuality conversation requires a balance between talking and listening. It also involves clarity in communicating the message, understanding … Read More
panic attack_zoya akhtar

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Recently, Zoya Akhtar, a film director opened up about her biggest challenge i.e experiencing panic attacks. “I had my first panic attack at 27. It’s not something you can ignore, …

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talking to my daughter

Talking To My Daughter But Looking At My Phone

There are many times that I have even noticed myself nodding my head at my daughter with my eyes fixed on the mobile phone screen. It startles me and soon after which, I consciously put the device aside and establish eye contact.

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Master The Art of Self Compassion

In order to survive in this high-pressure world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self-Compassion. We often learn to blame ourselves for not working too …

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When He Ghosted Me

Was our relationship fake? I have so many questions to ask? Will I hear from him again? I thought we were having a great time together. Why did he disappear …

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How NOT To Save The Relationship

Everyone at some point of time go through breakups. No matter what maybe the reason for the separation, breakups suck!! I too underwent that pain that too not long back. …

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Unhappy marriage

What Makes an Unhappy Marriage?

According to the American Psychological Association about 40 percent of marriages end in divorce. Though every couple and their relationship is unique, there are common causes for unhappiness and dissatisfaction …

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How To Get Your Ex Back

How To Get Your Ex Back

When my boyfriend broke up with me after a 5-year long relationship, I felt that my world had broken apart. I didn’t know what to do or why this happened..I …

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#377: Psychologically Fit or Not?

“A five-judge Supreme Court Constitution bench on Thursday, 6th September 2018 unanimously decriminalised consensual gay sex. The apex court termed part of IPC’s Section 377, which criminalises consensual unnatural sex, …

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To Hold On Or Let Go?

There are times in every relationship when you reach such a crossroad. Now a person who has been in a relationship, marital crisis, separation, divorce, a long-term relationship breakdown or …

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dealing with step parent

10 Ways to Dealing With A Step-Parent

A blended family or stepfamily comes together when two individuals decide to spend a life together with the children from either one or both of their previous relationships. While the …

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importance of relationship counseling

The Importance of Relationship Counseling

Importance of Relationship Counseling, No relationship is ever entirely smooth sailing. Sometimes the problems are overtly present from the beginning of the relationship, sometimes they surface after a long time …

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true love quotes with images

True Love Quotes

Talking about true love, expectations, relationships, it is too subjective and individualistic to everyone hence difficult to write down a general concept. Have you ever wondered how far should a …

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