After Break up Quotes To Keep You Going

Breakups look a lot like grief. You can be angry, shocked, depressed, hurt and sometimes ALL at once. The pain of separation can feel like actual physical pain.  But when it comes to breakup, you got to go through to grow through it. After break up quotes is a small way that can help you get through it

Healing can take time, and there are ways and path to choose to cope with this pain and move on. We bring you words that can heal, after break up quotes, to keep you inspired and motivated while you struggle with the feeling of loss.

15 After Break up Quotes To Keep You Going

After Break up Quotes

Our past partners have a sense of comfort around them. We have invested our time and emotions in them and thus are drawn towards this familiarity.  At times we may confuse this familiarity with “true love”. Psychologically speaking, we human beings are anxious of uncertainty and thus we may keep going back.

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You can move forward and create your new story only if you close your previous chapter. If you keep yourself invested in your past, you will have no energy to create a future.

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There is always a reason why your previous relationship did not work. No, it’s not YOU. But what you both had or created when you came together. What it could have been if you stayed together. Learn what did not work or does not work and look for a better relationship.

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When we put all our stake of happiness on one person, it is likely that we would end up getting disappointed at a point in time. We become dependent on their action, behavior, thought, feelings. Despite of the fact, that these are independent of our own wants and needs. They are not in our control. Thus putting a lot of our happiness on unpredictable factors. Here is some more  after break up quotes to make sense out of your situation.

After Break up Quotes

Let’s not confuse missing and wanting! You may miss your ex of what you HAD with them, or how they WERE with you. It was a reality, but it is also a part of the past. Things have changed now, and going back to it will not bring back things exactly as they were.

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And when you look back, you will see the pain worth it. You will why it didn’t work and what disaster it would have been if you were together.

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Breakup will lead to a lot of pain, there is no shortcut to heal or get over it. But you can choose to give it time and deal with it constructively.

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You may keep on ruminating with your past, re-arrange for possibilities, alter the situation in your mind and replay with an ideal plot. But things will not change. In order to move on. you must look forward and deal with reality.

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You may be flooded with thoughts, you may be overwhelmed with emotions. But you can gradually learn to not attend to those thoughts that take you to the past.

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You can not move forward with your emotional baggage, and expect it to disappear like dead leaves in autumn.

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Letting go is difficult, but not impossible. Going back to our ex may feel like an emotional consolation at the moment, but it won’t help, does it ever?

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We often underestimate our resilience and give up impulsively only get more hurt. You get to act strong and choose to be strong. A little every day.

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Your rock bottom can be a chance to start all over again and discover new possibilities. Remember, we need to take a step back for a long jump?

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It will shatter you to let go of the planned future, certainty and predictability. It was a comfort, ofcourse. But if we stick to the planned life which no longer serves us we wont be able to live what awaits us.

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These were some After Break up Quotes that you can use to make sense. We hope these break up quotes will motivate you to move on with your life.

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