Genetic Sexual Attraction | All You Need To Know About GSA


What is Genetic Sexual Attraction? Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and second cousins or a parent and offspring who meet for the first time as adults.

Genetic Sexual Attraction can often be misunderstood and combined with the notion of incest.

While both phenomena involve attraction towards relatives, Genetic Sexual Attraction is notably different.
Clinical sexologist explains that people who experience GSA have been estranged during the critical years of development and reunite or meet for the first time as adults.

Genetic Sexual Attraction is feeling sexual, emotional, romantic feelings and love between close blood relatives. The twist is that these [relatives] are people that you have not seen as children and only meet up as adults. This is the difference. You haven’t seen each other and you only meet as adults.

Genetic Sexual Attraction – Where It’s Comes from?
The term, genetic sexual attraction, was created in the 1980’s by Barbara Gonyo, who established a support group in Chicago entitled Truth Seekers in Adoption. This group was created for people who were adopted and then reunited with their biological relatives. Barbara developed intimate feelings when she was reunited with her adult biological son, who she had previously put up for adoption as a child.

Studies have shown that humans have an almost automatic in-build mechanism that stops us from having a relationship with a parent or sibling. However, there is another component that makes this an attractive option.

Adoption rights advocates discuss that genetic sexual attraction is a fairly common response during reunions. Advocates state that relatives are often compelled to get to know each other on a deeper level, which can include sharing, touching, and spending significant amounts of time together.

Genetic Sexual Attraction – Is it Real?
Genetic sexual attraction is hypothesized to occur because individuals tend to be attracted to people that have similar physical, intellectual, and psychological traits. As genetics contribute to all traits to some degree, blood relatives often share basic similarities in Appearance and mentality. GSA states that these individuals are simply prone to be attracted to the similarities that their blood relatives possess.

So, is genetic sexual attraction a real thing? As this is a relatively new theory, there is not a plethora of information or scientific research to support or to disclaim it. Many critics consider it as pseudoscience and see it as a way to legalise or make incest more acceptable.

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