How to Avoid a Breakup


Everyone we know today is in love. Right from a budding equations to long and prospering relationships, the value of that significant other in the life of an individual has greatly increased over time. Romance is beautiful, and exposes us to many wonderful experiences. That said, life is not always about walking over a petal of roses. The constant desire to be accepted at all times, as well as the possibility of our ideologies, belief systems, or basic thoughts and outlooks falling prey to personal biases and facing rejection has the tendency to generate immense amounts of stress.

We often find people resolving to enter into relationships, and deepening their bond of love over time; however, certain factors can prove to be detrimental towards one’s efforts to cultivate a meaningful romance. Social comparison, lack of communication, insecurities, conflicting interests, as well as trust issues are some of the barriers that cause great damage to one’s relationship. More often than not, we tend to overlook the simplest of things that could help us avoid these situations.

Let us therefore discuss some of the ways by which we avoid a breakup, Can sustain our relationships and keep them healthy and worthwhile.

Respect Comes First

Every relationship undergoes the test of time, as well as that of unfavorable situations and circumstances. We may also come across moments wherein we would choose to disagree with what our partner has to say about a certain something. However, one should never allow any of these factors to impact the respect that they have for their significant other. Remember, if you lose respect for a person, loving them would be very challenging.

Visions & Goal Setting

As individuals, we do have certain aspirations, as well as situations where we envision us to be happy and content with ourselves. That said, it is important that as a couple, both parties share some common visions too. This would provide them with a sense of direction, and the goals set by them as a team would help them discover the path in which they are heading. Relationships that lack this clarity are more prone to breaking apart.

Communicate, Don’t Spam

There lies a big difference between communicating with your partner, and stealing every chance that you can get to spam them. Over communication could not only make your partner feel as though you are spying on them, it may also leave no space for new things to be shared and discussed, which in turn would make your relationship sour over time. Trust your relationship, and engage in effective communication while remembering to value individual space in the process of doing so!

Have a Framework in Place

When I speak of framework, I am basically referring to certain ground rules that would help one to steer clear of controversies. Over time, it is natural for a person to discover things about their partner that they may not particularly like or appreciate; however, to keep unfavorable circumstances under check, it is best to convey the things that may seem unacceptable to either or both parties, so that one has a clear idea about what the other person expects out of them, thereby avoiding negative situations.

For example: If you are somebody who is uncomfortable with the idea of your partner stepping out all alone with somebody of the same sex as yourself, make it a point to let them know this beforehand, instead of waiting for a discomforting situation to arise.


Use The Weapon of Language Wisely

Most of the times in relationships, it is not what we say, but rather how we say something that can create all the impact. This is a golden statement that I stand by, come what may. There are always various ways of putting across the exact same content to somebody. For instance, instead of nagging your partner, or greeting them with a taunt over something they lack or were unable to do, try and let them know in a subtle manner what actions of theirs would make you happy. The idea is to keep the approach positive, so that one’s expectations are not washed away by their wave of disappointment.

Steer Clear of Social Comparison

We live in a world where almost everything that we are a part of, is subject to comparison. Let us however, acknowledge the fact that if all of us were to compare our relationships to that of others, nobody would experience true happiness. The key here lies in focusing on what we have, instead of what we lack. It is all about counting your blessings over picking out flaws and setbacks in your relationship. Eventually, it is you and your partner who have willingly signed up for this union, and so, by concentrating on keeping your existing bond healthy, it would be easier for you to achieve contentment as a couple, and cherish this feeling of togetherness.

Invest in The Little Things

How many of us actually make it a point to put our time, energy, and effort into the little things that bring us happiness? More often than not, it is as simple as spending quality time with your partner over a cup of coffee, going out for walks or jogs together, or gifting each other inexpensive but expressive tokens of appreciation. Doing things that generate growth of one’s romance should be the mantra to follow. Why wait for a time that has you arguing with your significant other? Keep the idea of a breakup off the charts by letting your partner know every once in a little while how much they mean to you through meaningful gestures and acts of love.

Know How To ACE It

This is a little something that I have come up with on my own. In order to ACE a romance, it is important that one takes ‘Accountability/Apologises’ for their wrongdoing, expresses their ‘Concern/Care’ for their partner, and is ‘Empathetic’ towards them. We all makes mistakes by virtue of being human, but when we take responsibility for what we have done and put forward a genuine apology, it helps us avoid negative interactions. Apart from this, showcasing care and concern for our significant other makes them feel valued, while lending them an empathetic ear when required i.e., placing ourselves in their shoes to avoid judgement and personal bias helps boost one’s conflict management skill sets as far as their relationship is concerned.

Do these, and you have ACE’d the art of avoiding a breakup! 😉


Lastly, be gentle to yourself as well as to your partner. Happiness lies in taking that leap of faith to create a balance of realistic goals and intentions that bring you inner peace, and nourish your relationship with love and harmony. 🙂

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