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what is lust

What does lust mean?

When we think of the word lust, what we usually associate it with? – “Intense physical attraction”.

To clarify more – lust is a psychological form producing intense wanting or longing for sexual intimacy. It is a strong emotion and feeling and in fact, causes our brain to crave for the same.

When I say it causes our brain to crave, it is important to understand lust is an involuntary feeling, we cannot pick to lust after someone; our brains will do it for us on a chemical level. What triggers lust is part of the natural drive to produce, so when we see a possible mate the brain is wired to release chemicals that make us more likely to chase them for that purpose. On a base level, the part of the brain that is involved in behavioral regulation and self-awareness is not active in this process, meaning it’s entirely subconscious. People also look for lust meaning in Hindi

How can you discriminate between love and lust?

What does it mean to be in lust with someone? Difference between love and lust, Lust and love both being strong and involuntary feelings, differs from each other.

In romantic love, it is normal to have a healthy physical appetite for your partner but if your focus is more on physical satisfaction rather than emotional satisfaction, and an intense desire to leave after sexual intercourse, rather than spending time with each other, it might indicate lust.

In love, the focus is more towards be a part of each other’s life and spend quality time together. Lust comes to satisfy a physical need where love comes to satisfy your emotional needs along with healthy intimacy.

In lust, we often project and idealize the person as an object to gratify the sexual need, and enables us to connect to another human to create a bond (love) and unless it changes it will never progress beyond our seeing that person as a sexual object.

Can you be addicted to lust?

Many Studies using MRI technology have shown that lust lights up the brain in the same areas an addict’s brain does on drugs. The fact that the hormones and brain chemicals connected with lust are subconscious means it can be difficult to pin-down the addiction in its early stages because it is a process, we don’t have control over and are not actively choosing to engage in. It is important to understand lust is not always be turned to addiction unless it becomes passing longing every day of an itch to scratch.

How do you recognize it is an addiction?

These are the few warning signs:

Tolerance:- A need to engage in more and more sexual activity. Increased use of pornography.

Withdrawal:- A feeling of guilt, shame arises after the completion of sexual activity. And when tries to stop a person experiences mood swings and irritability.

Trying to stop:- A need to cut down their behavior several times but fails to do so.

Time:- One of the symptoms of addiction, in general, involves the escalated time commitment. The time commitment includes increased amounts of time dedicated to the behavior whether this is porn, behavior with others, or using services.

Experimenting:- An urge of trying sexual experiments, spontaneously do things they haven’t done before, or “try something new”. This is a warning sign that they’re drawn to that new behavior by some outside influence.

Secrecy:- Secrecy is a big warning sign, as they try to hide their behavior.

Get help.

When you find yourself in these situations, it is always good to take help. It is important to remember the old saying, “you are not alone”. While carrying an uncontrollable sexual desire was a stigma but is becoming more acceptable and it is important to know it is genuine and Curable. You can get the professional help form BetterLYF online counselling and online therapy services, just reach out to them.

It is rightly said: “Everything that has a beginning has an ending, you just need to take a step forward and nothing is impossible.”

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