Master The Art of Self Compassion

master the art of self compassion

In order to survive in this high-pressure world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self Compassion.

We often learn to blame ourselves for not working too hard; for being too dumb or even worse we identify ourselves as a failure. But we are so good at blaming ourselves that we don’t even realise what we are falling into- a critical stage of self criticism or self flagellation- a rather serious problem where we undergo various episodes of depression. In this case we resort to self harm. We lose the will to move out of bed or to go out to work. Even we lose our appetite.

For those moments we need self-reflection. We need to take out time for an emotional state what is often misunderstood and underrated -the emotion known as self-compassion.

We are suspicious of self compassion. It is mostly because we confuse it with self pity.”

Depression and self hatred are serious enemies of good life. So you need to appreciate the role of self compassion in leading a fruitful and ambitious life. In order to overcome this self-induced harm- to master the art of self compassion, we can try a structured meditation lasting for a period of 15 minutes or so. All we need to do is lie in our bed and turn over a sequence of thoughts that interrupt your mind and correct the flow of our self-accusation thoughts.

Steps to be Master Art of Self Compassion

Step 1-

We are so much in love with the concept of success that we fail to notice the scale of challenges that we set ourselves. When we fail to meet our set-goals we think we are an utter failure. We must get accustomed to the thought that failure isn’t the end of everything- we should appreciate our efforts and try to learn from our past mistakes.

Step 2-

Failure is not unique. We weren’t made to be perfect-Nobody is perfect. Don’t compare or judge yourself on the grounds of the accomplishments achieved by your peers or siblings. We weren’t set up to carry on similar tasks.

Step 3-

Tough self-critical people deny the existence of LUCK. They take the entire responsibility for everything that happens to them. We are often told winners make their own luck-but they don’t. Luck is a genuine feature of existence. We forget that we are not entirely control of what may come to us and not every bad that happens to is is because of our mistakes. Sometimes things get out of control of ourselves and it’s perfectly normal.

Step 4-

You are not worthy only because of your achievements. Material success and academic success are just a bit of you. There are other achievements as well. Ask people who love you-they love you because of the fancy degree you have?  Recall the internalized voices of all those who appreciate you and love you. These serve as a great booster for achievements.

Step 5-

It seems it will never end-this is how a state of crisis feels. We need to reduce our expectations to zero for a time. Take each new day as it comes without expecting anything.

Step 6-

The next thing you need to do is relax. Take a break. It will keep your mind away from the state of crisis. Use this time to love yourself – you deserve that.

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