New Year, Better You

New Year, Better You

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to say goodbye to a decade. It seems like a lifetime away. Do you remember what you were doing 10 years ago?

For many, it has been a period of insufferable loss, gut-wrenching pain, disappointments, struggles, and uncertainties.

For some it has been one of learning, breaking out of chains of hopelessness, depression and generational trauma and unleashing personal renaissance.

We have all stumbled and needed grace and strength to keep going but for all who have not given up hope, a new day and year is a new chance to try again and this time, try better.

If the answer is yes, kudos to you.
If the answer is no, a gentle reminder to acknowledge that change, growth, and transformation are a never-ending process.As the decade comes to an end, may I encourage us all to spend a few moments in a reflection of what we would like to leave behind and set an intention to carry forward in the next decade.

What limiting beliefs would you like to let go of?
How have you grown in this decade?
Have you become all that you wanted 10 years ago?
Has life turned out as you hoped it would?

What is your intention for the upcoming year?

What do you feel thankful for?

As we reflect on the past decade, we will see failures achievements however big or small. What did we learn from our mistakes, and what hasn’t worked for us? Are we trying to achieve the same things over the years without changing our approach? If we succeeded, then what helped?

It’s good to pen down our reflections and realize our growth. Doesn’t matter if it’s been a decade, we have another decade to look forward. 

We are all work in progress. 

2021 may you bring hope, growth, and love to us all.


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