True Love Quotes

True Love Quotes

Talking about true love, expectations, relationships, it is too subjective and individualistic to everyone hence difficult to write down a general concept. Have you ever wondered how far should a person go in the name of true love or whether the person we are with even matches our definition of love that we all have in our mind.

When was the last time you could pause and look at your relationship and felt that this is true love and i am genuinely happy in this relationship be it between a couple or friends. Do we still doubt after several months or years of being together that are we even in love? Am i even interested anymore or got bored? Is it just infatuation or am i just attached because of  my own insecurities?

We all go through the phase in a relationship where we do question it based on our past experiences or present circumstances or define it based on “how we choose for the other person to love us” which when we do not see getting fulfilled, we doubt the emotion, love.

Though it is a subjective and a very individualistic concept there are certain golden lessons which are very important and needed for any relationship and for the well being of both the partners individually as well as together. Here are true love quotes that keep you motivated in a relationship.

Conditional Love Quotes 

love quotes

Love Quotes for Him

It is true that we cannot see it or show someone how much we love but it can be expressed through faith, compassion, generosity, and commitment. These love quotes for him are the best if you want to express your love in words to your special one.

Trust Quotes

True love is kind, forgiving, honest and selfless and full of trust for each other. It is a bond based on trust that there is no place for doubt and misunderstanding in it. These trust quotes about a relationship will make you understand the importance of trust in a relationship.

True Love Quotes

Finding true love is indeed the most wonderful feeling in this world. But true love is just not a feeling for the opposite sex but it can also be felt for our children, siblings, parents, friends, or even in believing in the Great Almighty God. These most wonderful true love quotes will make you believe that true love does exist.

Relationship Love Quotes

True love cannot be defined without understanding the meaning of love. Love can be defined as an intense feeling of attraction for another person. It is a feeling you have whenever you face someone who is desirable and attractive for you and is very close to perfection to be your partner. Love is an emotion that affects any person both mentally as well as physically and this is the reason why you see people happier when they are in love.

Love gives an enduring sense of connection to us and the other person as well. On the other hand, true love is something that goes far beyond attraction. It is about accepting a person with all his/her flaws. And you remain committed to them even if your expectations are not met.

Two people can want different things in life, they may find a way to work it out together or may eventually grow apart, that’s what makes relationships unique. But, having the courage to face these changes, stand tall to accept them and communicate them to your partner is where the challenge lies. Help yourself identify your individuality on BetterLYF and accept the change you have always been looking for.⠀

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