5 Ways To Deal BreakUp on Valentine’s Day

ways to deal breakup on valentines day

Deal Break-up on Valentine’s Day – It doesn’t matter if you broke up five weeks ago or five months ago, your breakup can be an emotional whirlwind on Valentine’s Day. As you find yourself surrounded by couples declaring their love for each other, you’re left reliving your split — and, let’s be real, possibly missing your ex. But there’s so much to be thankful for on Valentine’s Day, even if the wounds haven’t fully healed yet. All it takes to survive it is a slight shift in your mindset.

Going through a breakup may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here’s a quick guide on how to mark Valentine’s Day with a broken heart or survive on Valentine’s Day after a recent breakup.

Five ways to deal with Valentine’s Day after a breakup:

1. Valentine’s Day Is About Love, Not Your Ex.

about love

When you’re newly single, it’s easy to forget that at the core, V-day is not about being in a relationship, and it’s definitely not about the one you had with your ex. It’s about love, in all of its forms. It might be a good idea to surround yourself with positive people on Feb. 14. That could mean a dinner date with your sister, inviting a few friends over for a movie night, or grabbing cocktails with your office bestie after work. Whoever you choose to spend it with, the point is to reinforce the idea that you don’t need a significant other to give you love.

2. Pamper Yourself

pamper yourself

All that chocolate should not go to waste. You know what is better than buying gifts for someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Buying gifts for yourself. Nothing is better than lying back and enjoying some sweets…just be sure it’s dark chocolate. According to WebMD, dark chocolate is not only delicious, but it has a host of health benefits, too. It can lower blood pressure and is full of antioxidants. Gift yourself the things you always wanted to be gifted with. So, while your ex may have been bad for your heart, the chocolate and those gifts you have on Valentine’s Day sure isn’t.

3.  Do That Thing You Wanted To Do But Didn’t During The Relationship

do that thing

Take that cooking class you never had time for. Go to that restaurant you loved but he hated. If you’re the “dance in your underwear” type like do that. It doesn’t matter what you do; the idea is to get back to you. This can be done at any time, but doing it on Valentine’s Day after a breakup can kick-start the healing process.

4. Make Valentine’s Day A “love Me” Day

love me day

Do the things that make you happy. Treat yourself with your favourite dessert or try something you’ve never tasted before. Buy something for yourself: a book, DVD, or a simple-something you’ve wanted for a long time. Watch a movie (but avoid a romantic comedy). Treat yourself to a nice spa and get a full-body massage, or get a new haircut.

5. Re-evaluate Your Goals

re-evaluate your goals

Remind yourself why you are still single. Don’t fall under the pressure or let someone tell you how to live your life. If you’re not ready for a relationship, that’s your choice.
Think of your accomplishments and where you still need to go. Being in a relationship is time and commitment, and you should be able to enjoy it when you are ready for it, not when someone tells you

So this valentine’s make the most of it. Because you deserve it. And our counselors at Betterlyf would surely help you to gift yourself that precious.  Self-love on this Valentine Day!

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