When Should I Go For Relationship Counseling?

when should i go for relationship counseling

As more and more people are getting aware of the importance of relationship counseling in their lives, there is a new wave of interest about online counseling because it is convenient, instant, requires no hassle of travelling and is available round the clock for online relationship therapy in the USA and other countries. So how do you go for relationship counseling?

Advancement of technology helps us connect with anybody just with a click, then why should Counselors be difficult to approach? Online relationship counseling in USA and all over the countries is widespread now.

We spend so much time and efforts in finding the “right partner”, but we forget in being the right partner.

As humans, we all have the tendency to form relationships with people because our needs and expectations are fulfilled by them. We are social living beings, we crave for love and care and instantly get in a relationship where these needs are met.

Now, who teaches us how to maintain or build a relationship? – Nobody.

Thus there are relationship counselors who can help you understand the tools to build a healthy relationship. Because let’s face it, our motto to be in a relationship is to add happiness to our lives. Let’s not shy away to go for relationship counseling.

But how do we know when to go for relationship counseling?

  • Feeling Disconnected– Sometimes there is a lack of emotional support or either/both partners are too busy to give each other time, due to work-life imbalance or an added role of being father/mother.
  • Losing Oneself- Partners must help each other discover the strengths in them individually and together. If they are feeling lost, suffocated and exhausted, it’s time for relationship counseling
  • Dealing With YOUR OWN Emotions– When you feel insecure, suspicious and have a constant need for your partner it’s time you seek help. Understanding and managing oneself leads to better relationships.
  • Trust– When there is a past which one of the partners cannot handle, or trust being shaken due to lies or lack of communication.
  • No Respect- Respect is quite important in the relationship otherwise the partners may not take each other seriously and there is a high chance they won’t be able to accept their partners as they are
  • Lost the spark Physical attraction can fade away, what keeps and enriches the bond among partners is their fun side and their laughs
  • Recurring Arguments/Fights- Natural disagreement and difference in opinions are bound to be there in relationships, however, when there are arguments instead of agreements, competition instead of compromise, it’s time for relationship counseling
  • Lack of Communication When partners stonewall each other or do not discuss matters that bother them nor take out time to understand each other’s feelings, it’s time for relationship counseling

Don’t Know If You Should Say – “I do”?

Marriage is a long-term commitment that may not go well with one or both the partners. To understand if NOW is the right time to say “I do” as a couple and also an individual. There could be a conflict of the right time, arrangement, life goals, etc that can create ripples of frustration in the couple relationship.

Also, relationship counseling can be used to prepare oneself and as a couple for challenges/roles and shift in lifestyle that a marriage can bring.

It’s important to reach out to a Relationship Counselor and bridge the gap that is prevailing or to improve in the relationship for future challenges. Sometimes, partners are not able to understand the right intention of their better half. Here comes the role of a therapist who can help them find a common approach conducive for them.

Seeking help is a sign of courage. Don't let self-limiting beliefs hold you back from a life you deserve. Avail online therapy to become happier and better. Learn how

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