inferiority complex

Am I NOT Good Enough?

After the 10th trial in the dressing room of the 5th showroom, I felt I was good for nothing. I felt as if there’s nothing that can look good on … Read More
9 ways to deal with bullying

Nine ways to deal with Bullying

We often confuse bullying with regular childhood teasing or taunting. Bullying is an act of aggression characterized by intentional, repetitive and power imbalance. It is the severity and duration of such behavior which marks the … Read More
Are You a love addict

Are You Addicted To Love?

The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being “Oh my god, my heart is pounding”, Reshma whispered to herself excitedly. “I think he finally is the …

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presentation anxiety

All eyes on ME

A million thoughts were buzzing in my head, I was standing behind the curtain reading and re-reading my script. I was the master of the ceremony tonight, all I had … Read More
how to be popular

How to be Popular

Most of us at some point in time have wanted to be known. Being known can mean different things to different people - whether it is simply getting people to notice … Read More
Myths About Introvert

Myths About An Introvert

Remember asking an introvert friend “Why so serious? Is everything alright?” How well do we understand Introversion? Introversion can be defined as a personality trait wherein people are inclined inwards … Read More
what is social anxiety

What is social anxiety

Social Anxiety is used to describe feelings of anxiety and fear that occur in response to social situations. Even the most confident of people can get a little anxious before a presentation, … Read More

Master The Art of Self Compassion

In order to survive in this high-pressure world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self-Compassion. We often learn to blame ourselves for not working too …

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What Makes You Feel Worthless

An inferiority complex is lack the self-worth, doubt and uncertainty about ourselves and feeling of not measuring up to the standards. This term Inferiority Complex was used in the 1920s by German  psychotherapist …

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