How to deal with Adversities?

how to deal with adversities

‘Our problems don’t define us, but the way we handle them does.’

Such a simple yet powerful line. Have you ever wondered how do you deal with your problems? How do you behave in the face of adversity? Is it helpful or worsens the situation further?

If you are a person who has difficulty in facing adversity, we have curated few pro tips for you!

pro tips to deal with Adversities
pro tips to deal with Adversities

1. Have a sense of humour.

We have all heard it from time to time that laughter is the best medicine. Well, recent studies support this fact too! Laughing releases the feel good hormones like dopamine which helps us calm down and think rationally.

But how can we find humour in our adversities? It is so difficult. The best way is to step back and look at the situation from a third person perspective. When you step back and see the situation neutrally, we are bound to notice things we didn’t see before and learn new things. We can even find humour!

2. Have a growth mindset.

A growth mindset says ‘What is this adversity teaching me?’ versus ‘Why did this happen to me?’. It focuses on what can be done rather than what is already done. It will plan for the next course of action rather than mulling over what went wrong previously.

When we are faced with adversity, we make a mistake of having a mindset which is limiting and unhelpful. We are trapped in a box of anxiety or fear and unable to think of solutions. It is important to recognize this and try to change our mindset by challenging out thoughts with difficult questions.

3. Write.

Writing has a therapeutic value to it. Hence, we have all tried our hands at journaling or diary keeping. But the lesser known therapeutic value of writing is, it helps with creativity as well as putting things into perspective.

During an adversity, our mind is already full with varied thoughts and we might forget few key details which might be the solution to it. During this time, writing can help sort things out and even tap into our subconscious to recognize our true feelings about the situation.

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4. Take a pause, connect with nature.

A simple walk in the nature has been found to have immense therapeutic values from improving your mood and memory to helping you focus better.

We can only think rationally when our mind is in a neutral state. Obsessing over the situation often only makes it worse. Taking a pause and reconnecting with nature can be of immense value to calm yourself down and regain some control over the situation.

5. Visualize.

Visualizing has long been used in therapy to motivate people or help them get over their fear.

While facing an adversity, we might lose motivation or heart to continue being positive. We might just feel like giving up and accept our fate. Visualizing about our long term goal or even how we will feel after the adversity is gone can be motivating and help you in keeping things positive.  

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