negative thought min

Negative Thoughts

Table of Contents What are Negative Thoughts? Definition of Negative Thoughts Negative thoughts-Origin and Types Impact of Negative Thinking Overcoming Negative thoughts “Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies …

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How to deal with Adversities- betterlyf

How to deal with Adversities?

‘Our problems don’t define us, but the way we handle them does.’ Such a simple yet powerful line. Have you ever wondered how do you deal with your problems? How …

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how to beat the lockdown fatigue

How To Beat The Lockdown Fatigue?

“I feel tired”, “I now take frequent naps”, “My eyes and head hurt”, “I just can’t concentrate”.  If these statements resonate with you, then you may be experiencing the lockdown …

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are you coping well in crisis

Are You Coping Well in Crisis?

Stress is an inevitable part of life and with the current COVID-19 pandemic, global stress levels have skyrocketed. It is common to feel anxious, panicked due to the uncertainty of …

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what is stress eating

New Age Stressors

Binge Eating Have you ever gulped down a whole tub of ice-cream before an exam or ravaged a chocolate  cake in the throes of a heartbreak Stress eating is a …

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is it possible to be kind every day

Is It Possible To Be Kind Every Day?

“No act of kindness – however small – is ever wasted” One thing that this increasingly competitive and fast-paced age requires the most, is kindness. But how exactly do we …

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How NOT To Be Lonely In Diwali

How NOT To Be Lonely In Diwali

“May this Diwali brighten up you and your family and may all be blessed with happiness”  This is how we usually offer our heartful greetings to others offering them happiness …

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How Anxiety Feels

What is Anxiety? The word “Anxiety” evokes so many emotions at one go that is probably impossible to explain. For some it’s the cliched feeling of nervousness, palpations, excessive worrying, …

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Melancholy- The Valleys and Peaks

Melancholy- The Valleys and Peaks

“She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die; And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips “ – John Keats, Ode to Melancholy Melancholy, popularly thought of as something that must …

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lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming… Reality Or Myth?

Lucid dreaming has always baffled the minds of many and debated as a myth of mythology. A topic left behind for the geeks to debate over, until Christopher Nolan’s Inception …

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how to deal with regrets

How To Deal With Regrets?

We all have those buried feelings of not pursuing a passion, not conveying our true feelings to someone we loved, not speaking up when we wanted to, not spending enough …

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how therapy helped me

Therapy Helped Me Accept Myself The Way I Was

Client P, 22 years,  was feeling depressed, anxious which was triggered from smoking, drinking and consumption of marijuana, had a disturbed sleep cycle. He was struggling with various concerns like experiencing …

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Sleep when feeling lonely

Why you could be feeling lonely

It only takes one sleepless night to ruin social interactions and make people feel lonely, a new study showed. -originally appeared on “Mother nature took millions of years to …

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make others happy

One Proven Way To Make Others Happy

New research showed the recipients of an emailed expression of gratitude (thank you mail) felt much more “ecstatic” than writers expected. Two psychologists- Dr Amit Kumar and Nicholas Epley attempted …

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stressed or anxious

Am I Stressed or Anxious?

While it can be difficult to differentiate between stress and anxiety due to similarities in how they both may manifest themselves (physical symptoms), it can be important to understand whether …

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Self Compassion

Master The Art of Self Compassion

  In order to survive in this high-pressure world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self Compassion. We often learn to blame ourselves for not …

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Talking To My Daughter But Looking At My Phone

Talking To My Daughter But Looking At My Phone

There are many times that I have even noticed myself nodding my head at my daughter with my eyes fixed on the mobile phone screen. It startles me and soon after which, I consciously put the device aside and establish eye contact.

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deal with loneliness

How To Deal With Loneliness

The desire to be around people, being heard and understood is a very natural one and when unfulfilled, it results in a feeling of loneliness. Loneliness is an emotional response … Read More
men dont cry

Men Dont Cry

Men in our society are portrayed as physically strong, dominant, stoic, and always in control. Women on the other hand are considered to be fragile, sensitive and expressive. Throughout the … Read More
ways to be happy

Ways to be Happy

“Wealth can be found in its most natural form inside the heart and mind of a happy person.”- Anon         The concept of ‘happiness’ finds its roots … Read More
Perfectionism Scale

How to overcome negative aspects of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is defined as a personality trait characterized by a person's striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards. Perfectionism is accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations. … Read More
benefits of diary writing

Five Benefits of Diary Writing

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, a record of her personal life amidst the Holocaust, is the most famous diary and a renowned book, read widely across the … Read More

Kinds of Discrimination

People who face severe discrimination for a long period of time are often left with some deep wounds. Only a good counselor like the ones at BetterLYF can help them.

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Benefits of Counselling

Benefits of Counselling

Life, as we see it, is a salad of emotions. We all have our moments of highs and lows, and of pride and plight. While most of us often have … Read More


Happiness is characterised by the experience of more frequent positive affective states than negative ones as well as a perception that one is progressing toward important life goals. Certain kinds …

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Myths about Counselling

8 Myths about Counselling

Counseling is treated like a taboo, although it should be treated like a blessing. There are people, counselors, who can actually help you in putting an end to your misery.

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challenges in counselling

Challenges in Counselling

The concept of counselling struggles to gain recognition by the masses even today. People either choose to ignore the signs and symptoms of stress and depression, or live with the … Read More
forgive yourself

How to forgive yourself?

In this fast pacing life we often forget, that in order to move forward peacefully, we must give us that one big gift of Forgiveness. What stops us from forgiving … Read More
Deal with Stress

How to Deal with Stress?

The stress response is the body’s way of protecting you. When working properly, it helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life—giving you … Read More
being grateful

How being grateful can make you happy

Positive psychologists contend that gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, it is more like a deeper appreciation for someone (or something,) which produces longer lasting positivity. Gratitude is … Read More
struggles with loneliness

My Struggles With Loneliness

The first few months of college were the loneliest months of my life. I was so nervous and at some points excited to start my college experience. The first few … Read More
who am i answer

Who am I

“I would often tell my friends that it was okay if their girlfriend had a male friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are too close or that their friendship … Read More
how to emotionally heal yourself

How To Emotionally Heal Yourself

Trauma and emotional pain are relative in terms of the effect on people. While death and dying may be the ultimate trauma, people can and do experience similar upsets when … Read More
fear of failure

Fear of Failure

I asked my client why don’t you try? He said- “If I fail, it will bring more disappointments, shame and embarrassment” Well, do all successful people never face failure? The … Read More
the voice inside head

The Voice Inside ME

Do you have those nagging thoughts that tell you that you just cannot clear this job interview? You will not be able sustain in a long lasting relationship! You will … Read More
Are You a love addict- addicted to love

Are You Addicted To Love?

The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being “Oh my god, my heart is pounding”, Reshma whispered to herself excitedly. “I think he finally is the …

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overcome anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

Hope these coping mechanisms will help you to overcome anxiety. People also look for the anxiety meaning in Hindi or anxious meaning in Hindi. If you need help to cope with …

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sad or depressed

Am I Sad or Depressed?

Many experience sadness but feel that they are in depression, and many who are actually clinically depressed infer that they are just terribly sad or unhappy. Or are made to … Read More
dealing with loss

Dealing with loss

Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim. … Read More