Are You Living The Same Day Again?


Have you ever thought about the lifestyle you live? Or why do you always live in a certain way, just because you have to? And what is the goal of your life? Well if you haven’t thought of it, I don’t blame you because of the fanatic rat race we are in. While some of you may have given a trivial thought to it, and some may not have bothered to care. I will just take 10 minutes of your life and make you stop and deeply explore your Life. I intend to make this article insightful for you so that I can put across a thought or question for you to ponder upon.

 Are You Living The Same Day Again?

Love and Satisfaction

There are some things that are never taught to us but we learn from them gradually from our guardians or society, to say. Let’s say, Love is one of the most indispensable quotient of our lives. We all require love, in any and every form. Some might claim it not to be that important in their lives, but one can never avoid it.

It is something that all creatures need, be it humans, animals, birds; you name it. It is a paradox that each human has the ability to love, yet we never have enough of it. Simply because it’s something we can never be fully filled or satisfied with. And you know why does that happen? Because we look for it in temporary gratifying objects.

I remember how my own needs have changed over due course of time because it no longer serves the purpose of keeping me happy for a long time. By the time our old desires get fulfilled, we develop new desires to make us happy, and even stronger than before.

For instance, my greatest desire at one point was to own a car, and I used to imagine if I got that, how happy I would be in life. But I could no longer recall that feeling, after I got the car. As then my prime focus was to make sure it never got a scratch on it. How insane is that? Because all my instincts were focused on protecting it and not enjoying owning it. Well now it may not be for that car, but something else. Don’t we all do that? Be it safeguarding our relationships/future/personality/needs and so on.

Where is the happy place?

Remember; at some point in our lives the only thing we frantically wanted was to get great scores in class 12th. Well you cannot deny it. Forget the fact you got it or not, wasn’t it the most desperate requirement at that time? After that all we wanted was a good college, a degree to qualify us, enormous tension to crack the job interview, then probably looking for a better half to live with.

Be it through tinder, matrimonial,, blind dates, and various other means because all of a sudden the society’s demand is to get married before you have a fat belly or grey hair on your body. Well after that, do you even feel complete after reaching to this state, by hook or by crook? I doubt.

Doesn’t it sound amusing to you? We take birth for this, and use our precious life in this mad maze, where there is no finishing line or inner satisfaction? It’s so heart wrenching to see that our outlook towards life has become meaningless. We are told to Love, but not taught how to. We are asked to find happiness in places, which are hollow.

We are asked to live life fully, where fully means you have to devote 10 hours of you in a job that provides you only money. And to toss all that stress we have weekends to party and get sloshed, and then guess what? Back to work again. Well what are we, garbage bags? Like we throw up the old garbage (stress) and fill it up again with some new garbage over the week (brand new stress), then wait again for the weekend!

Finding meaning in life is important, but how will we do that when we have forgotten to find meaningful relationships. To preserve loving relationships in this world requires much forgiveness, tolerance, patience, gratitude and humility. This is no rocket science; we all know that quite well, don’t we? There cannot be love, where there is no God.

Now what is that you’re wondering, ehh? This is again a meaningful concern. I am not going to change your belief system as to who you should pray and serve. But I want you to take it in a very simple and divine manner, not mechanically.

Know Your Existence

Since our childhood we have been performing rituals without exactly knowing what it means, and why we must do it. We’re always told by our elders that this is something “we should do, because we have to do it? or “because we are told to do so?. Since then our concept of God has always been bizarre. It’s like some imaginary Mr. X! If you don’t do this X will reprimand you.

More than ourselves we take care of that imaginary pious figure in our heads. Well, shouldn’t there be a path to discover what it is, or why is it even there at first place? So that we can learn to become God-loving and not God-fearing!

To make your life meaningful or to have a connection with the Supreme, we need to understand and accept that He is the source of everything. You know your life is a precious gift given to you by your parents. And they have been granted the same by their parents. So the inception of this life began from the very Supreme Personality.

Not only life, but the beauty we see around us: great reservoirs of water, gigantic mountains, valleys, gorgeous flora, various species of life. Not only that but emotions like love, purity, desires, beauty, intelligence, all emanates from Him.

Go Spiritual, Not Ritual

When we buy new machinery, we get a manual along with that to know its functioning and guidelines to maintain it. Who makes that manual? Yes, the one who made that machine! Similarly, when we took birth there would be some guidelines or path for us to follow, given by the Life-giver to operate smoothly. And because we aren’t machines our lives are supposed to be meaningful.

To enlighten ourselves and walk on this path, we need to form a meaningful connection and a deep relationship with ourselves.

And why should we do it? Simply because we can! Have you ever seen animals wondering how can I make my life more meaningful? Ever seen them meditating or contemplating on important aspects of life? No! That’s because they are deprived of it. So shouldn’t we make optimum use of it, instead of slaying into meaningless and pointless things?

Remember we are meant to live, not just exist, my friends. So don’t just go ritual, focus on going spiritual.

Feed Your Soul

We take birth in this human body (luckily), but it can change. This is not something which is permanent. So we (the soul) get trapped in this body and live life till our expiry date arrives. And then the body which we protected and cherished for so long is burnt or buried by our loved ones.

Why don’t they keep it for memory? (It stinks!) They get rid of it and in the meantime the same Soul embarks its journey in another body. So what is eternal, the Soul or the body?

The soul, not this so called beautiful body that we keep shining our entire lives.

This is similar to that person who cleans the birdcage but never feeds the bird inside. No matter how much he cleans the birdcage it will not keep the bird alive any longer. No matter how beautiful the birdcage is, if the bird is not fed or taken care of, then there is no point of shining it all day long. It is such an unwise thing to do.

What else is worthless you know? The repeating lifestyle we live on for years, decades and centuries.

We take birth; consume all the energy in finding satisfaction in jobs, loving relationships, materialistic/temporary objects, and then die one day; without really having achieved a thing. Aren’t you tired of chewing the same thing again and again and again, birth after birth!?! You know that feeling when you put a fresh gum in your mouth, and you get the sweet nectar from it? Well how does it feel after chewing it for an hour?

It becomes tasteless and you just spit it out. But wait; imagine chewing it for days, months, years and centuries! Well, it is impossible! The very thought of it troubles you. You will find it tasteless, worthless, painful and tiresome. So WHY chew the same thing in every birth when you can change it, by finding something sweeter in life, whose taste will never fade away.

We say life is not in our control, but you can always control it by choosing the path you create for yourself.


Our life should not be like prisoners imprisoned for life and beyond; where there is darkness and we live in ignorance. And ignorance is not bliss! Some person who said that has been fooling around, and it’s time you break that bubble in your head. On the contrary when we are aware about self and others we deal with everything more open mindedly and with more compassion. When we imbibe such qualities in us, we come on a higher platform where we try to question things with higher perspective.

Thus, open the doors to create more awareness about everything in and around you.

After all this, you might be wondering what is it that we could do now to break the monotony, right? Well there are various steps we can take in order to live a life filled with meaning and everlasting satisfaction. To know how you can cope up with the monotonous routine, kindly refer to the next article “How to break the monotony ?

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