Coronavirus And Quarantine – Can Online Therapy (Telehealth) Help?


Kevin, had been trying to cope with his breakup by visiting gym and his friends. But after the lockdown he spoke to his therapist over call, expressing his fear that his depression might come back, as sitting with his thoughts alone is overwhelming and excruciating.

The need of the hour demands us to stay at home, socially distanced and secluded- in short Quarantined. The spread of Coronavirus in India, in recent days, has left everybody distressed and anxious about what will be the future turn of events. The uncertainty and ambiguity in the present situation is creating a feeling of despair and panic amongst us all.

While everybody is talking about different productive ways to utilise one’s time and taking care of one’s physical health at our homes when all the gyms are on lock down, we also need to have a little focus and attention on our mental health as well. Sitting alone, away from our loved ones can stem up some stressful emotions and deep buried feelings.

It can act as a trigger for loneliness, anxiety, trauma or resurface past unresolved conflicts with loved ones. It can also lead someone in a vicious loop of overthinking and ruminating thoughts of one’s own health and safety.

In this predicament, online therapy or Telehealth can do wonders!

  • Feasibility: The first very obvious advantage of online counseling is the practicability and viability of the therapy sessions. In a situation of social isolation, you can avail the luxury of psychotherapy while sitting in your room, at any time of the day. It helps to save time and effort while also maintaining the easiness and cosiness of the individuals. You can be a responsible citizen of the country whilst also fulfilling the needs and duties to your body and mind!
  • Anonymity: The biggest USP is that you can keep your identity confidential and hidden.
  • Multiple Options: While we understand that different people have different comfort zones when communicating their heartfelt emotions and feelings, it is always better to have options. Online counseling is such platform, which can offer multiple modes to consult and take therapy sessions, like- on chats, on call or on video call. is one such online counseling platform that offers their clients the freedom of choice and comfort to select their preferred mode of therapy, to contribute their share in easing the emotional overwhelms.

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