Dealing With Uncertainty In The Time Of Corona

dealing with uncertainty in the time of corona

Should we reschedule all travel plans? Shall we cancel the function? Do we postpone the wedding? Would it get better or worse? Within a few days, the increasing death toll due to Coronavirus has led to a wave of fear and panic around the globe and threatened day to day lives.

In this time of crisis, with visas getting suspended, flights getting cancelled, businesses shutting down and countries being locked down, all plans have come to halt in the wake of this pandemic. Not knowing what to do can send us into a tizzy.

How Can We Deal With Uncertainty?

Travel bans, global markets taking a hit. mass gathering prohibitions, empty office spaces show the extent of the Coronavirus pandemic at a macro and micro level.

Focussing on what we can control

Anticipating such unprecedented events is impossible but while we are in the throes of this mayhem, we can hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. In the middle of facing the unknown, we can take decisions based on the information available.

Self Care

Due to the social distancing and quarantine, it’s natural to feel isolated and cooped up while our daily routine is disrupted. Some self-care activities to feel relaxed and replenished during this stressful time:

  • Spend time with family and/or pets
  • Put on calming music
  • Prepare a positive memory box to go through
  • Create an online library of favourite books to read
  • Practice relaxation– yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Stay in touch with friends/co-workers through calls and videocalls
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Invest in a creative hobby

Keeping Ourselves Updated

It is crucial to keep ourselves informed of the current news and updates about COVID-19 but uninhibited media intake can lead to cognitive load and saturation which can further elevate anxiety and fear. Checking facts and the credibility of the source of information can go a long way in alleviating anxiety regarding COVID-19 and making adjustments to day to day situations and long term plans accordingly.

The implications of the current situation are widespread and affect everyone differently. Every new suspected case seems like a forewarning of more turbulence.
In times of uncertainty, we can work with the information at hand and take proactive measures accordingly to maintain a sense of stability and calm in a crisis.

It is natural to feel despair for all the plans that have come to a halt but we are born to adapt to changes and the faster we do, the better we bounce back from such calamities.

2020 might not have gotten off to the best start for the world but such are the times where hope, optimism, and resilience must prevail for a healthier, peaceful, calmer latter half of the year.

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