How to cope with Coronavirus Anxiety, according to Psychologists?

With the media flooding us with the constant updates about every case being reported in any nook or corner of the country, it is very natural to feel restless and threatened with the rising numbers and statistics of the coronavirus instances in India.

It is evident that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused chaos, disruptions, stress, anxiety, and menace among people. The situation can be emotionally/psychologically overwhelming for someone while someone else might be blandly responsive to the current scenarios. But the two perspectives cannot be put on the same pedestal and one can’t be belittled by the other.

Though, it is important for us all that we try to maintain the calm and keep a clear head while also practicing a few of the necessary precautionary measures. Below are listed a few tricks and techniques that one can adapt to curtail the coronavirus anxiety-

  • Limit the amount of news and information you intake through media (print or digital or social) during the day. This will allow your mind to take off some of the heat and attention from the thoroughness of the affairs.
  • Practice mindfulness. Your thoughts have the power to become things! Keeping that in mind, try to focus on the positive aspects of the corona outbreak (improved environmental conditions) while also maintaining the required preventions and precautions.
  • Indulge yourself in the recreational activities when in quarantine for pleasure and creative enrichment. Pick up that long lost hobby, the cross of those TV series and books from the bucket list you created way back in time.
  • Try to maintain a routine and consistency, which will help you not to lose a sense of purpose and will also make you feel productive while being at home.
  • Adhere to the self-care activities like indoor exercises and physical workout in your own innovative way. By doing so, your body releases certain “happy hormones” (endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin) which help elevate one’s mood, improves and enhances the body’s immunity as well.

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