How To Practice Social Distance In The Time of Coronavirus

how to practice social distance in the time of coronavirus

WHO recently declared coronavirus as Pandemic (prevalent over a whole country or the world), this has to lead to anxiety in worldwide. Recent updates on citizens hoarding on tissue roles and food have led to more panic in communities. In India, IPL got canceled as more cases are coming out.

Countries are locked down flights are getting canceled. All this is natural to make us anxious and worried. Medical uncertainty and ever-growing statistic lead to a sense of unknown which induces a lot of panic in the whole community.

It is always said that prevention is better than cure, let us focus and concentrate on taking preventive measures coming from reliable sources like WHO. Anxiety would lead to panic, however taking proactive steps always helps in preparing us for the worst-case scenario. Do not overload yourself with information, just take the right measure.

Social distancing has proven to be a great mechanism for further containing and mitigating coronavirus pandemic. If we learn from countries who have taken precautions way ahead than other countries like Taiwan, we see a great containment of the disease and lesser spread.

So, how do we express our boundaries and take a step ahead?

There is no shame in asking for a social distance or taking precautionary measures. 

Here are a few ways of communicating and establishing boundaries of self-care with yourself and others that can help your anxiety.

Communicating your self-care boundary 

  • “I understand your worry, I would like to support you but can we please not do it right now? It seems to be distressing me
  • I am not comfortable with shaking hands or hugging right now. I appreciate your understanding.
  • I would not be able to spend time with you now if you do not take precautions or refrain from travel

Self-care for anxiety

  • Setting limits on time, source of news intake. You can schedule a time of the day when you would be reading a trusted news source like WHO
  • Not keeping your phone next to you or scrolling at night
  • Take breaks during the day to practise mindfulness and check-in with yourself
  • Eating regular meals even if anxiety makes it hard to feel hunger cues.

Hope now this can help you establish social distance in the time of coronavirus. Know how to deal with coronavirus anxiety?

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