Therapy Helped Me Accept Myself The Way I Was

therapy helped me accept myself the way i was

Client P, 22 years,  was feeling depressed, anxious which was triggered from smoking, drinking and consumption of marijuana, had a disturbed sleep cycle. He was struggling with various concerns like experiencing suicidal tendencies for the past 7 years, had doubts regarding his sexual orientation,  social isolation from the past year (extrovert to introvert), sexual compulsive tendencies.  He was initially apprehensive about therapy as he had never shared all of this with anyone. For him, this was his last resort.

Therapy Helped Me- This is Client P’s testimonial on his journey of Counseling:

In my first Therapy session, I felt anxious in the beginning because I had this fear that therapy might reveal something that I wasn’t ready for. However, with my therapist’s assurances, I felt comfortable and was able to share something with her that I hadn’t with anyone..My past was making me feel so guilty, regretful but towards the end of the session, I felt a heavy burden was lifted off..I felt kinda like a free soul.

My sessions helped me understand a lot many things I was missing out in life. I did not have the concept of boundaries in relationships. I was not able to control my anger.  I used to be often confused whether I had superiority complex or inferiority complex. There was a lot going on in my head and all of this used to affect my studies. I am preparing for UPSC and it is my dream to serve my country and do something for society. We worked step by step to come closer to achieving this goal.

Through therapy sessions, we were able to do strength assessment and I came to realize that my creativity was a tool to express my emotions and also help others who were struggling like me.

One of the great things about therapy is you can vent out to a psychologist and they won’t even judge you.
During my sessions,  I was introduced to this activity called Three Good Things, where I’m supposed to keep a checklist of good things in my life, what I am good at. It has helped me at the time of crisis to keep depression at bay. I used to feel hopeless before starting online therapy, now I am certain that I’m heading toward a positive change. A lot has changed for better, there’s less mental clutter.

To anyone who is outright frustrated in their life and wants to talk it out and do things in a way you wanted to, therapy does a great job. I wonder how many lives can be saved if this reaches more people. Being depressed is not okay, especially for longer periods of time. Go ahead and vent it out, start a new revolution.Through my Therapy sessions, I have been able to achieve the following goals:

  1. Studying almost 70% of the weeks. I clock up to 4-6 hours for a few days for a few weeks which is a huge thing in my life.
  2. Therapy helped me practicing yoga every day along with meditation.
  3. Reading more books and keeping myself engaged.
  4. Writing journal and 3 good things sometimes in a week.
  5. Though I procrastinate a lot, I’m studying better than last year.
  6. 3 of my poems were chosen to get published in two international magazines
  7. Therapy helped me learning calligraphy, foreign language

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