How to Overcome Heartbreak


On a scale of 1 to 10, you are having your heart broken and are in the ‘terrible’ phase.Many of us have been there and wondered whether we’ll ever move on. But it does get better. 

While there’s no sure way to avoid heartbreak, you can find ways to get better, to make things normal for you, as there’s always a way through it. 

The first and foremost thing is to understand that moving on is a process. It won’t magically happen for you in a day. If you want to make pasta, you need to follow every step. Moving on from a heartbreak is similar. You’d have to go through every step and take your time

Here are some things to consider to get through a heartbreak. It won’t be an easy process for you but by following these, it might get better. 

  1. Allow yourself to feel

When someone breaks your heart, you feel an ocean of emotions. It’s trauma and comes as a shock to your system. As with any sort of shock, you need time to gather your feelings and be gentle with yourself. You’ll need time and you’d have to be kind towards yourself and cut yourself some slack. 

  1. In the process of it, do not become your feelings

Although it is essential to express your emotions, it is equally critical not to become them. If you’re feeling sad, allow yourself to feel sad for a certain time, like an hour. Cry, shout, journal, sleep, and do whatever you make feel emotions freely. But when those sixty minutes are up, stop and move on to something else. 

  1. Cut off all possible communication with your ex

There’s a scientific reason which states that heartbreak hurts very much. One goes through withdrawal-like symptoms as suddenly the feel-good hormones are gone. It’s proven that when your partner is no longer there in your life, you crave that bond again and those feel-good hormones which you earlier used to feel. If you’ll see your ex constantly everywhere, it would get difficult or might be impossible for you to move on and you’d find yourself stuck for a long time. Cutting off contact is considered a healthy thing to do. 

  1. Find a support system 

Call your family or your friends who actually care about your existence. Let them know that you’re dealing with a lot on your plate and you’ve been stressed for a while. Opening up to your loved ones would help you and may do catharsis in return. It can be highly beneficial as dealing with stressful situations all alone wouldn’t be easy. 

  1. Exercise

Getting into an intense workout may be the last thing you’d want for yourself but it can do wonders for you. The studies have shown that the endorphins produced during working our help with the withdrawal symptoms after a breakup and also build confidence within the self. 

  1. Take care of yourself

Online Psychologists believe that taking care of yourself in the midst of heartbreak is crucial. Checking in with yourself from time to time should be a compulsion as many times we forget to keep a check on ourselves. Ask yourself often, What do I need? Maybe it could be a salad or a hot batch, maybe it could be dinner with a friend. Whatever it may be, doing it for yourself would make you feel good and bring in feel-good hormones. 

  1. Identify and eliminate unhealthy behaviors

Try and understand any impulse which you might be having, for instance, checking your ex’s socials or having an urge to text them or seeing every detail of their weekend on Instagram. These impulses are very natural and a part of the withdrawal process which often happens after a breakup but doesn’t let yourself obsess over these behaviors. If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time on this, reach out to someone or take therapy. Professional help is always helpful. 

  1. Create new routines

Creating new routines would give you motivation as well as would boost your confidence once you’d start with them. It could be planting or as simple as going out for a movie every Friday night or meeting your friends every Saturday. This would help you immensely. You could also start therapy and add it to your routine. It would be a healthy way of coping with things. 

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