feminism and mental health

Feminism and Mental Health

Feminism in India is as much as an expletive word as Mental Health is, often misinterpreted and looked down upon for its lack of understanding around the country. Not just …

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the trouble with modern marriage

The Trouble With Modern Marriage

There are many issues with modern marriage today. We live in a world in which family breakdown is more the norm than the exception. Divorce and illegitimacy are widespread. Tons …

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Self Compassion

Master The Art of Self Compassion

  In order to survive in this high-pressure world, we must accustom ourselves to the practice of what is called Self Compassion. We often learn to blame ourselves for not …

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freedom of choice for a girl

Freedom of Choice

In India a girl is subjected to discrimination even before she is born, no wonder pre birth gender determination is banned in our country. The society is quick to judge … Read More
empowering our women

Empowering Our Women

Demographic surveys say that women comprise of almost half the world's population. If every woman was entitled to her rights as an individual by virtue of being human, the world … Read More