Freedom of Choice


In India a girl is subjected to discrimination even before she is born, no wonder pre birth gender determination is banned in our country.

The society is quick to judge a girl who doesn’t conform to the standards set by it. Be it the kind of clothes one wears to the ideals that one holds. The commonly held idea of a good woman is one who is submissive, covers herself well, docile and puts the family’s comfort & needs ahead of her own. A woman who boldly states her opinions, does what her heart desires, chooses career over family, is independent, doesn’t want to be a mother is looked down upon in disdain.

In our society, the epitome of a woman’s life is marriage and motherhood. These are important aspects of a woman’s life, but is it necessary that it would be equally important for every woman? Every individual is unique in their own way, they think differently, perceive things differently and hence differ in their actions and behaviour, the choices they make etc.

Why do women have to qualify for something as simple as education, or the choice of career, or what they want to make of their lives? In our society, women are expected to adhere to the standards of the society or she’s labelled as a bad egg. If a woman wants to be an adventurer, she’d have to give up on the “idea of a well-settled married life with a husband and kids”.

Undoubtedly it can be an idea of a perfect life for some, and to some it may sound appalling, but who’s to judge which is which? As long as its a “choice” and not a “responsibility” or “duty”, nothing else should matter. Women should have the freedom to choose what they want to do and who they want to be.

Unfortunately, very often women are forced to uphold the ideals and traditions they do not even believe in. Some are forced into an engagement when all they wanted to do was work in their fields of interest, and some are given all the freedom to do what they want until its time for them to get married.

So now the question arises, how do we change this mindset it? Can it even be changed? And what should a woman do when she is subjected to such a crisis, where she is “forced” to do something she doesn’t want to do, or where her freedom of making a choice is taken away from her?

Should anyone stand up for her?

Every woman should take a stand for herself and her ideals, take a stand and fight for it if you have to. It won’t be easy and it may not change much, but women can change how they are perceived and treated in the society. As for the society it won’t change today, but we can change how we are treated. Fight for yourself, Fight for freedom of choice. A change can only be brought about en masse if we change one person at a time.

As Rupi Kaur says, “What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn? That since day one, she already had everything she needs within herself. It’s the world that convinced her that she did not.”

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