Women Empowerment Quotes

women empowerment quotes

Women Empowerment Quotes – “A real woman takes care of her children, husband and home without any problems. “Women are poor drivers.” “Women Are Quiet and Passive” “Women Should Look Flawless” “Women Should Stay at home and are not supposed to go out without a man” “Oh that dress is so small what will they think?” “Oh, you are not married yet, if you wait for a long time, no one will marry you” “Oh you are you so dark, how will you find a well-settled boy?” … Society sees a woman as someone who is dependent, weak and overly emotional, even though this perception of women is changing and women are being included in the organisations they are still given low-status jobs or monetary incentives despite having similar qualifications as their male counterparts.

Being a woman can be challenging at times, as they have to cross so many barriers, such as honour killings, forced marriages, occupational segregation, violence, etc. Despite the barriers, women are proving their worth at every step and achieving everything they desire, despite this they are objectified and looked down upon.

The worst impact of this labelling is women actually believing in them, these stereotypes are constantly reinforced, through media and society, which makes them believe it and accept it as the truth, which leads to them acting in a manner to fulfil these notions or false standards, this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. These ideal standards limit a women’s ability to fulfil her potential by limiting her choices and opportunities.


As the society around us develops and changes, new prejudices and stereotypes emerge. However, we can be aware of what they are and try to change or overcome them. If we truly want to empower women, we need to start at the grassroot level, and need to focus on both men and women.

1.  Toys are just toys- Girls play with barbie, boys play with cars and guns, these notions should be removed and children should be allowed to play with whichever toy they want.

2. Chores have no gender- Why is it that girls are required to do house hold chores and boys have to go out from an early age, chores should be equally distributed.

3. Learning what we see – We learn what we see around us, and our primary source is our parents, the way we behave in front of our kids is what they learn and these initial observations tend to stick longer and have a deeper impact. The way the father treats the mother forms the basis for how the son will view women and how daughter will view men and how they will treat the opposite sex.

4. Education- The most important source of change is education and school, how students are treated by their teachers and what they are taught is important. It is necessary to have valued inculcated from the very beginning.

5. Think before you speak- Being saying anything we should reflect on it for a minute and try to understand the repercussions.

6. Media- We should be very careful about what we show on Media, as even the smallest things matter, advertisements especially should be more Gender Neutral, awareness should be spread using various platforms and the imagine of an ideal “thin, fair woman” should be challenged.

7. Moreover, before we ask men to value women, women should value each other.

So What is Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment, It is having the freedom to do what she wants. It is the about equality and comfort, the comfort to go out when she wants and in whatever clothes she wants. It is about her being able to live without judgment and criticism from others and stop apologising for who she is. It is her being independent and not needing a “perfect husband” to feel fulfilled, it is her living on her own terms, it is her having the power to be who she is born to be, not what society expects her to become. As she is realising her worth so is the world.

Quotes Dedicated To Motivate Working Women – Independent Women Quotes

Here are a few quotes to get you going when you feel trivialized and powerless.

independent women quotes
quotes on women empowerment
strong independent women quotes
working women quotes

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