Before You Ask Me To Move On

Before You Ask Me To Move On

Just before you ask me to move on
I have a question

Is it difficult for you too?

I mean it took me a lot of me
A lot of nights
To share with you all my fears

Remember how it got us closer?

Before you tell me that I would find someone better

I have a question

Was I not good enough for you?

I mean, I tried my best to be the best for you

Remember the days when you forgot to text back and I pretended to keep busy?

After 3 long days of my anxiousness, you thanked me for understanding.

Remember how this got us closer?

Before you tell me that it will be tough for you too

I have a question

Are WE not worth it?

For all the days you pushed me away, for the mess you had become,

I held on to you longer and tighter

Remember how it made US stronger?

Before you offer me the “luxury” of your friendship

I have a question

Would you not want to be together again?

I mean, every time I hear YOU, it’s not the friend I want to talk to, you see.

The time when I tried to leave
for the sake of you and me

You wanted to give time some more time

Remember, how you held me back and made me believe more in you and me

But before you ask me to move on

Let me tell you

The answers to the questions can give me closure

But, you know what gives me hope?

That the same questions can also draw us closer.

Breakups can be tough. It can impact how you see yourself and your life decisions pertaining to relationships and career. When questions seem rhetorical, and hopes make you cling on to your past ASK for help.

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