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How to Deal with Stress in Startups!

The concepts of ‘Start-up’ and ‘Stress’ could be compared to that of ‘Life’ and ‘Ageing’. Why you may ask? Well, because stress while trying to establish a business, and ageing as … Read More

12 Ways to Manage Unemployment

Being out of job can shake one’s confidence, bring a sense of hopelessness and make one feel miserable. Unemployment is a socio-eco-political issue, for obvious reasons, but at the same time … Read More

Coping with work-related stress

Stress may be referred to as an unpleasant emotional or physiological state. It is a reaction to stimulus that affects or disrupts our mental and physical health. In today’s fast-paced … Read More

How to deal with Office Politics

Every professional faces office politics and it’s something that everyone dislikes. If you want to learn how to deal with it better, then get in touch with BetterLYF’s counselors.

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How to get Recognised at Work

Is there anybody who does not favor the idea of getting recognized for their capabilities and skill sets? Who does not like to come under the limelight for something good … Read More
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How To Deal With A Tough Boss

Recent researches have found that employees don’t quit the job, they quit the boss! Having a boss who is fair, motivating, appreciating as well as the one who helps us grow as … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Romance

Today’s workforce spend their major time with or at work. Making unofficial interactions outside work almost negligible.  With every other person choosing to join the workforce today, it comes as … Read More

How to get Recognition at work

Think of a time when someone acknowledged you for your good work or a pat on your shoulder you received from your boss for a task that you successfully completed. … Read More
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How to Overcome Work Stress

“There lies a difference between being alive, and living life. The day we begin to live it up, is the day we will attain true happiness.” – Anon How many … Read More

How to break the monotony

In the previous article (“Living a monotonous life”) we read about how we are looking for happiness in meaningless things, which gratifies us only for a short period of time. … Read More