How to break the monotony

How To Break The Monotony

In the previous article (“Living a monotonous life”) we read about how we are looking for happiness in meaningless things, which gratifies us only for a short period of time. Either we are stuck in a repetitive rut or are just living our lives in the way everyone has been living.

However, you must know that it is your life and it’s your own story, so you can change its direction is any way you want to. Being the author of the story of your life, you can shape your story in whichever way you want to, so that you can be satisfied with yourself. It’s true that we can never really decide what will happen in our lives in the future, but we can always choose the course it should take.

Thus, you can try imbibing followings things that worked out for me and for various people who tried it to break the monotony.


Start looking within for what you want from self and from life. Focus your shift from materialistic to spiritualistic expectations. This means our focus must be on things that really matter, and affect us inwardly. This helps us explore ourselves and lets us know our own strengths, and by knowing our own strengths we can choose to work by using them in creating our goals accordingly. Make sure your goals are not shaped by the society but should solemnly stand upon what you want from life. This will help you to live according to your own set goals and create a satisfaction that you live for.


The real satisfaction comes from within, and we must focus on achieving it as it is directly proportionate with happiness. Generally when we get stuck in the monotony of life we tend to forget the meaning of happiness in our lives. This way we try to please others or try to make them satisfied. In doing this, we forget to focus on what we actually crave for from within. Since every individual is different, each person’s satisfaction level also differs.
So look for what gives you the most satisfaction and work towards achieving it. As friends, once you are satisfied from within, you will experience happiness in its truest form.


Here I am referring to connection that is stronger than the internet connection. Over the internet we may find people who understand us however, we must have a concrete connection. What is it that really bonds you with something and gives you instant energy? Sometimes we require an instant energizer that helps us to recharge ourselves. Some people connect to the divine through meditation and some connect with themselves through an activity. Anything that works for you as an energizer may refresh you and boost you to live enthusiastically.
Once you know what is it that you connect with the most, go ahead exploring it on daily basis.


We often wonder about this and get stuck with it. However, it is not as difficult as it seems. Try and ponder upon what are you here for. What is it that you think you must do in order to make yourself better and this world a better place to live in? Some people devote their lives for the humanity, while some work towards fulfilling their interests. Either way it is upon you to choose that suits you better, and makes you feel that you have lived your life with a purpose.


When you feel that there is no motivation in your daily life and there is nothing to excite you, try changing your routine. There are times when you get into the cycle of life that is set by the society, break that! Try to set a new routine where there are more fun filled and exciting tasks lined up so that your performance also shoots up. This way you will look forward to wake up each day with enthusiasm and look forward to doing something you like.
You can make a diary with your wish list or tasks that you would do, so that you keep striking them off once you are done with them one by one.


In this competitive environment we tend to set our goals according to others and then view our success in comparison to them. This way we never get satisfied with what we have, and keep on focusing what others have. This way our unending desires do not let us live in peace. Thus, instead of being in competition with others, let us compete with ourselves. This way we will cross all the boundaries that others create for us. Let us measure our growth according to our own capabilities and achievements.
Hence, look back at your journey and see how far you have come from where you were earlier.


Be completely involved in the activity that you are a part of. Try to be completely there with the person or with the situation you are in. This gives you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Your mind stays aware and you live each moment of it. Try and devote your mind 100% into the activity you are doing.


Try to list down the things you are thankful for in your life. It is always better to count the blessings you have in your life, so that we start appreciating our present. There will always be something we can be grateful for, even when life is not going in the way we planned. Being grateful is the key to work towards exploring the best in you. When we are grateful for everything we start valuing everything: relationships, health, career, education, etc. This helps us to bring out the compassion and maturity in us that helps one to deal with every kind of situation in life!


When nothing is going right, or you feel hopeless, or you seem to go nowhere in your life; try taking a step back and observe what has been happening around you. Look at your life from a different perspective and start making note of things that you would like to change. Observation helps a lot, when you need an advice from yourself. As who can be the best person to advise you other than you?

So my friends, all I want to say is, connect with your real self (soul). Know what you want, and give in your best in acquiring it. Know from where the real happiness comes, because in the end only that will give you peace.
The actual place of fish is in the water, no matter how much you try to disassociate it with its original need, it will only be temporarily happy, and not last any longer. It’s true satisfaction and happiness lies in water.  So unite with your true essence and see the magic of life. You will find peace, happiness, satisfaction in this very life.
So please ask yourself “Aren’t you tired living the monotonous life?” and when you get to know the answer step on working towards it.

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