How to get Recognised at Work

how to get recognised at work

Is there anybody who does not favor the idea of getting recognized for their capabilities and skill sets? Who does not like to come under the limelight for something good that they’ve done? As humans, we all expect appreciation from those around us – be it for the way we are as an individual, for the qualities that we possess, or for having efficiently carried out a task that was assigned to us. Receiving recognition not only instills a sense of confidence within a person, but also becomes their driving force towards continuing to achieve more professional successes.

The benefits of getting recognised at work are:

  • You feel important and valued as a professional
  • It boosts a person’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness quotient
  • A sense of belongingness and loyalty towards one’s organisation is promoted
  • You feel motivated to continue being productive at work
  • It makes a person more open and accepting towards feedback and learning

The lack or absence of recognition at one’s workplace can lead to stress, which in turn is unhealthy and toxic for a person working to be a productive professional. Let us explore the options that can save you the trouble of having to undergo work-related stress arising from this cause.

Ways by which one could work towards gaining recognition at their workplace are:

#1. Leave your lazy self at home

One of the simplest ways to shine out at work is by avoiding the lazy neighbourhood at all costs. When an employee showcases efficiency at carrying out the tasks given to them, it automatically paves way for appreciation. There is a reason people say that actions speak louder than words. Let your work speak for itself!

#2. Explore employee recognition programs, if any

Every organisation has certain means by which they recognise the work and potentials of their workforce. With performance appraisal systems being the most common form of appreciating employees, some companies also develop special programs to felicitate their professional efficiency. By attempting to discover such options, one may begin to work towards receiving recognition according to its requirements.

#3. Never lose touch with your boss

This is one mantra you should always follow, and with caution. As much as it is your supervisor’s responsibility to keep a tab on you, make sure you are doing the same by maintaining constant touch with them. Keeping contact will not only promote a healthy working relationship between the both of you, but will also encourage your boss to place you before the others when they’re looking to promote or appreciate the team.

#4. Initiate recognition yourself

If you feel that your workplace lacks people who recognise their workforce for their professional competencies, why not initiate things yourself? Promoting appreciation by thanking your colleagues for their support and efficiency would not only make you a good team player, but would also encourage the other team members to indulge in the same behaviour towards you. Remember, it does not always have to be your employer doing the deed. Sometimes, you can absolutely take things in your own hands!

#5. Use your employee feedback program wisely

Not every employer is a pro at having a good employee recognition program in place. If that happens to be the case with your organisation, you could consider including this idea as a suggestion in your employee feedback form. It is all about wording your request in a humble manner, and you can surely expect positive outcomes from it!

#6. Talk smart

This is the golden rule that one and all should follow at all times. Often, we may find ourselves in situations wherein we would be required to work with somebody we dislike, or be answerable to a rude boss. In times like these, it is important that we do not put our stresses out on display for the world to see. Talking smart involves maintaining a safe distance from gossip, not sharing negative comments about a colleague unless asked for a feedback, and knowing how to convey the right things in the right manner to the right person at the right time.

recognised at work


#7. Take follow up on feedback

A tough feedback is not always easy to gulp. But do remember we all are work in progress. Work on your feedback, improve the area of concern and follow up with the concerned person. It would show your grit to perform and better yourself at work.

#8. Build rapport wherever you go

Rapport formation with the people at your workplace can greatly contribute towards positive developments in your growth chart. Many-a-times, only being good at what you do is not enough to win you those brownie points. Establishing strong and healthy professional bonds with everyone you meet would enhance your chances at receiving appreciation, and maybe even a promotion! This can be done through regular interactions with your boss, team members, and other colleagues, participation in any extracurricular activities at work, as well as being actively involved in things such as business development and office picnics among others.

#9. Handle appreciation with efficiency

As much as we all love being recognised for our work, being able to deal well with appreciation is not everybody’s cup of tea. If and when you do happen to get praised at work – be it by a senior person or a teammate, make it a point to embrace it with utmost modesty and optimism. Doing so would not only reflect positively on you by showcasing what a thorough professional you are; it would also encourage your boss and co-workers to continue appreciating you each time you deserve it.

We hope adding these skills in your work style would help you get noticed at work in a positive way. If you need help with your career then you can get support, advice, and consultation from BetterLYF career counseling and you can make your career journey much more comfortable and enjoyable.

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