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You are in Zen Zone! And there is no harm in preparing for future battles.

Congratulations! You are well adapted in dealing with your daily stressors. The scores currently indicate your perceived level of stress is low.

However it is always good to be consistent with our self care. If you are open to take the next step in enhancing your self care skills , you can go through our Wellness Programmes or give a quick read on our blogs on self care tips

Here is a Quick Guide for you to Enhance your Self Care Skills!

1. De-stress with Simple Exercises :

It always helps to move around when you have sat in one place for a long time. So indulge in simple neck roles, stretching your arms and legs. One trick that helps most when you are feeling all winded up and anxious, is clenching your fist very tightly for 5 seconds then slowly relaxing it while exhaling deeply. Continue doing it for 3-4 times can instantly calm your nerves down.

2. Consider doing less:

Try to leave yourself some down time to relax and replenish. Before taking on an additional responsibility, take some time to think about whether it is going to contribute to or detract from your overall well-being. Are the benefits worth the potential stress?

3. Practice setting limits:

It can be tough to say "no" to others, or to limit yourself from doing everything, even if you know it might be better for you in the long run. Rather than automatically saying "yes" to new responsibilities, consider changing your default response to, “Let me think about it” or “I’ll get back to you” to buy yourself some time to consider the impact of the decision.

4. If Something is working , continue doing it:

We come across many suggestions on dealing with stress, but if you have found something that helps you to de-stress, whether it is listening to music, taking a walk, or simply going to bed early, if it works, stick to it. Consistent coping with a healthy touch can do wonders in de-escalating daily stress.

5. Lastly if you still feel you need an EXPERT guiding you to Build your RESILIENT SKILLS :

Get in touch with our In-House Counseling Psychologist’s HERE

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You are in WARRIOR zone! Sometimes even warriors need care.

The scores currently indicate your perceived level of stress is moderate, which implies you are burning through physical and mental resources to deal with your daily stressors.

Your body and mind is giving you signals to slow down and replenish your stress management and self care skills Connect with our Counselors to get your own personalized stress management skills training and therapy that will aid you to bounce back.

In Warrior Zone : Attention to Self is important:

Signs to Tell you : You are burning your resources

  1. Having difficulty in sleep
  2. Small things irritate you the most
  3. Having difficulty in maintaining focus on projects/tasks undertaken
  4. Increased frequency of tension headaches
  5. Feeling fatigue

1. Understand your stress

How do you stress? It can be different for everybody. By understanding what stress looks like for you, you can be better prepared, and reach for your stress management toolbox when needed.

2. Identify your stress sources

What causes you to be stressed? Be it work, family, change or any of the other potential thousand triggers.

3. Learn to recognize stress signals

We all process stress differently so it’s important to be aware of your individual stress symptoms. What are your internal alarm bells? Low tolerance, headaches, stomach pains or a combination from the above ‘Signs of stress’

4. Let an EXPERT help you to develop the strategies for dealing with your stress :

Connect with our In-house Counseling Psychologists today.

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You are in FIREFIGHTER zone! Maybe it is time to STOP and REFLECT. Take a breath and REFUEL.

The scores currently indicate you are in high perceived stress, which implies you are in an exhaustion phase where your resources in tackling stress is limited. You need immediate help, kindly connect with our Counselors and start your journey of self healing today.

How to Help a yourself if you are in Fire Fighting Zone:

Signs that tell you!

  1. The duration of the stressors impacting your life has been for more than 6 months.
  2. The stress seems to affect and deteriorate your social and personal day to day functioning.
  3. You are starting to feel consistent physical changes (headache/Stomach pains/ frequent coughs and colds/panic attacks/ heartburn)
  4. No amount of you trying helps completely.

What to do ?

Reach out to a loved one. Talk about it. Our advice : Connect for your healing journey today!

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