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All Smiles

I'm swimming but I'd like my therapist in the lifeboat closeby

If you fall under the “All smiles” range, you can manage stress by yourself and probably practice healthy coping mechanisms already.You may choose to seek counseling for situational stressors like a setback in a relationship or at work, or explore areas of personal growth and development, like a more fulfilling relationship or life.

We're proud of you. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need someone to talk to, anyway!

Chin Up

I’m swimming and my head’s above water, I’d like my therapist in the lifeboat right next to me

People falling under the "Chin Up" are advised to seek help in order to overcome past setbacks or manage present emotional struggles. You may be dealing with underlying anxiety or silent tress with unhealthy coping mechanisms like - staying busy, displacing anger or frustration on your loved ones, or constantly venting out to a friend without an improved outcome.

If this resonates with you, avoid falling into recurring thought traps like, ‘it’s just a phase’; ‘it’ll get okay with time’; ‘everyone has problems’; ‘I don’t think it’s a serious issue’; ‘I feel mentally tired, but I don’t know how to talk about it’; & so on...

Seek help now and don’t let the situation worsen. Your timely healing will make you stronger, give you more confidence, and help you grow.

Eyes Forward

I’m underwater and struggling to come up, I’d like my therapist in the water with me and gently nudge me toward the surface

Racing thoughts and the inability to make decisions is a common symptom of anxiety related to relationships, your abilities, and your future. Have you been feeling unsettled? Or feel like you have lost control of your life? You are not alone. And know that it’s temporary! Talking to an expert gives you guidance to work around your situation, yourself and your thought patterns.

Don’t operate in auto-pilot mode, take the reigns of your beautiful life in your hands. We are your support system in this journey. You deserve to be happy. And your personal counselor knows how to get you there.

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