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We're in the business of spreading happiness, need we say more? When you are on a mission to help others and make world a happier & healthier place, work doesn't feel like work, instead, becomes an extension of ourselves, second nature they say. We think its first :-)

Job Code  :   DMAJ001

Designation  :   Psychologist Counselor

Job Description  :  

  • Counsel clients over phone & chat.
  • Practice therapeutic interventions based on client's abilities & needs.
  • Conduct research on emotional well-being.
  • Plan & execute awareness initiatives such as workshops.
  • Publish self-help content.
  • Undergo initial & on-going training to enhance counseling skills.

Qualification  :   Have a master degree in psychology-clinical/counseling/applied.

Key Skills  :  

  • Possess excellent English & Hindi communication skills.
  • Are active listeners & can empathize while maintaining objectivity.
  • Are versatile & love taking initiative.

Job Code  :   DMAJ002

Designation  :   Marketing Intern

Job Description  :  

  • Ideate, Plan & Execute ATL or BTL promotional campaigns, ads & info graphics.
  • Understand demographics, generate consumer insight & target effectively.
  • Design, build & maintain our social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing approach and digital/offline promotional campaigns.
  • On ground activation with institutes & organizations.

Qualification  :   MBA in Marketing

Key Skills  :  

  • Excellent knowledge of key marketing concepts and up-to-date with latest trends and best practices in marketing
  • Excellent communication skills and English proficiency
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong analytical skills

Job Code  :   DMAJ003

Designation  :   Executive Corporate Sales

Key Job Responsibilities  :  

  • Build a strong corporate client base and generate corporate sales
  • Assess business development opportunities at corporates and market BetterLYF services
  • Keep abreast with market trends and research in the Employee Wellness Space
  • Developing multi-level relationships with key stakeholders in the client organizations
  • Ensure provision of proper after sales support and services to clients
  • Prepare and present to management periodic sales forecast
  • Organize meetings to discuss sales activities and take decisions on strategies necessary for improvement.
  • Generate Online and Offline Leads
  • Create and distribute content on digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Conduct surveys and research to gather information regarding market trends, potential leads, and sales opportunities
  • Compile, analyze, and interpret sales data to provide reports to management on performance on daily basis

Qualification  :   MBA in Marketing

Key Skills  :  

  • An MBA marketing with 3+ years of experience in Sales.
  • Possess excellent communication & presentation skills
  • Ability to build & grow relationships with clients
  • Willing to travel to meet with existing and potential clients, attend industry events, join workshops, engage in speaking activities and supervise sales teams.

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