Happy Individuals.Productive Professionals

BetterLYF Strives To Empower Individuals In Their Personal & Professional Lives.

We live in a fast paced, complex, uncertain and volatile environment where Stress is inevitable. Majority of the times, one tends to not address it and wait for time to fix it. We want to change that by being the First Point of Contact and helping people resolve their concerns before they snowball into a Physical or Mental Illness. An Instant & Anonymous platform, we actively work to boost the productivity of your organization by redefining employee wellness.

Wellness Statistics

1 out of every 2 Indian employees are reportedly stressed
(Optum Survey)

1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental disorders at some point in their lives (WHO Report)

Poor psychological health will amount to the loss of USD 1.3 trillion between 2012 and 2030 in india (WHO)


Productivity at work is directly proportional
to emotional welll being

Mental health costs upto 300,000 jobs
a year - BBC Health


Why Counselor and Not Your Manager

  • Stress is commonplace & overpowering. Help is scarce and cumbersome.
  • Not everything can be shared with near and dear ones because:

  • Timely intervention & preventive approach can prevent chronic stress
    and to a great extent even depression

How Can BetterLYF Assist?

BetterLYF is an Instant & Anonymous Call and Chat Platform that helps people with Stress & Anxiety in their Personal & Professional lives.

Around The Clock

Speak with Life Coach

Chat with Life Coach

Face to Face /
Video Call

Interactive Self Help


Get in touch with us for corporate workshops and talks on parenting, work-life balance, stress and anger management, building strong marriage and /or any other individualized topic that you would like to address in your organization based on a wellness SURVEY.

How Employee & Employer Win

A Happier Individual is A Productive Employee Contributing to Company Goals

Healthier Professional Relationships & Team Work

Stronger Connect with the Company – Low Attrition

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Progressive Awareness Partners


  The 24/7 helpline supports people through difficult life transitions like breakups, marital concerns.  

Bootstrapped startup Better LYF wants to be your 2 am friend

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  BetterLYF came out with Interactive Wellness Exercises based on therapies for Stress & Anxiety.  

Now, Counselling is just a Call Away for Stressed Professionals

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  We expect men to be tough regardless of the struggle they are facing. Our society discourages them from expressing.  

World’s first helpline to fight stress is here

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  The veil of anonymity helps clients open up without being labelled or judged and they end up feeling better.  


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