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BetterLYF Strives To Empower Individuals In Their Personal & Professional Lives.

We live in a fast paced, complex, uncertain and volatile environment where Stress is inevitable. Majority of the times, one tends to not address it and wait for time to fix it. We want to change that by being the First Point of Contact and helping people resolve their concerns before they snowball into a Physical or Mental Illness. An Instant & Anonymous platform, we actively work to boost the productivity of your organization by redefining employee wellness.

Is Work Really Causing Stress?


Of employees worldwide say work contributes significantly to their stress levels


Of employees worldwide report feeling burnt out or stressed through the day


Of employees worldwide report they are less productive because of stress

Spillover from personal life

This is a problem that takes a toll on us emotionally. We miss being around our loved ones. Even when we are with them, we are not in a mood to give our hundred percent after a hectic day at work. At heart, we want to give our best, but are unable to do it.

Rewards & Recognition

Promotion and appraisals gives us a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment for the hard work we have put in. We feel bad and lose motivation when our colleagues get promoted ahead of us or when we don't get what we feel we deserve.

Bullying or Harassment

When we speak of discrimination, some of the words that may commonly strike our minds are: racism, gender-based differences, religious biases, and cultural prejudices among others. Despite people in large masses speaking in favour of putting an end to gender disparity, or 'equality for all' as we call it, discrimination continues to take place even today.

Job Insecurity

Not finding the right job- You may be waiting to find the right job due to the expectations you may have from the job or work, or the organization's expectations from their future employee.Quitting a job because of mismatch in expectations- You may come to understand that stayingin an organization/work can bring you more harm or be a sheer wastage of time for both the parties.

Job Insecurity

This is a problem that takes a toll on us emotionally. We miss being around our loved ones. Even when we are with them, we are not in a mood to give our hundred percent after a hectic day at work. At heart, we want to give our best, but are unable to do it.

Relocation/New Role

When people use their personal influence to achieve what they want; it also called 'politicking'. People may use their power to withhold certain information, may form a good bond with an authority to gain rewards, use their position. There could be times when use of this power to play politics may overshadow the organization goal and take the form of self-interest.

Lack of Job Satisfaction

Spending Saturday and Sunday dreading Monday mornings? Cut the morning blues of having to go to work! Aristotle says "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work". We all want good rewards, interesting and challenging work, strong professional relationships but we may not always have it all.

Impact on Health

employees experienced mental health issues due to work or report work as a related factor.

Employees reported that their behavioural and physical symptoms were due to work stress.

reported difficulty in sleeping.

BetterLYF is an Instant & Anonymous Call and Chat Platform that helps people with Stress & Anxiety in their Personal & Professional lives.

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EAP Can Work Wonders

Post implementation of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A staggering 86% improvement was found with regard to emotional well-being.

improvement in work morale & motivation.

improvement in work-life management

24 - 27% improvement with regard to physical health, work relationships and work productivity.

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How Employee & Employer Win

A Happier Individual is A Productive Employee Contributing to Company Goals

Healthier Professional Relationships & Team Work

Stronger Connect with the Company – Low Attrition


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