(Masters in Counseling Psychology)


Humanistic and Emotive approach comprising of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy, Life Style Modification, Behaviour Activation, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Solution-Focused and Brief Therapy.

"I am in love with hope."

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Her Thoughts on Counseling

Present competitive era often does not let us breathe; it not only affects us mentally but also physically. Stress does come with varied range of emotional, cognitive and physiological symptoms. We often get confused and do not know what to do despite of taking help from medical professional, the condition remains the same.

Therapist not only help you to understand the disturbed state of mind, but also enables you to identify the conflicting thoughts and emotions, to put effort in focused direction. Since our mind and body works hand-in-hand, trouble in one region eventually affects the other while slowly deteriorating the function of other. Therapist enables you to look beyond the struggles/challenges/set-back by using your actual potential. They assist you to look at internal and external frame of reference to effectively deal with the situation, people or event.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I chose psychology out of an inquisitiveness to learn more about human nature and how they function. Apparently I started to enjoy learning the small aspects of it, when I completed my bachelors and enrolled myself for Masters, I learned how our thoughts and emotions makes us or breaks us as an individual and in long run it not only affects our relationship with others but majorly with self too. One loose end contributes to others and the vivacious circle of negativity goes on. Our doubts, apprehensions and confusions stops us from sharing with our loved one’s may be because we will be judged or perceived as wrong and as obvious human psyche we always want to present ourselves in the best possible way.

To my surprise, the trend looked prevalent in people from all strata of the society. This made me realize everyone at some point in their lives needs someone to express, vent out or share without being judged or forming biased opinion. Being a therapist for 9 years now, I too consulted a therapist to vent and let go the weight I was carrying.

I learned I am perfect in my imperfections and I wanted my family, friends and society at large to know it is okay to break, collapse and feel lost, what is not okay is refusing to stand up after falling/loosing. Each tiny learning of my professional life attracted me more as a psychotherapist to make myself emotionally and psychologically fit so in reality I am able to practice what is preach as a therapist.

Therapy Style

Years of experience in clinical and non-clinical issues have made me flexible as a therapist. I personally enjoy cognitive Behaviour therapy as it helps me to look into all aspects like thoughts, emotions and behaviour. But when it comes to ensuring your client walks out happy and content, I had to study and adopt as my styles to get the outcome for my clients. As every person is unique so he needs to be dealt specially. That is how I started adjusting myself to new styles and I must say, I am happy I took that chance, it helped me to broaden my vision and approach as a therapist. I play around with Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy, Life Style Modification, Behaviour Activation, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Solution-Focused and Brief Therapy depending from client to client and case to case.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I love to deal with teens and adolescent. I feel this is the age where at a point we know everything and the next moment we feel blank. Dealing with this chaos is very taxing, we want someone to be with us, yet we want to be left alone. This chaos often leads to impulsivity and indecisiveness which often puts them into regrettable state of mind as they continue to grow. So helping them understand with freedom comes responsibility and accountability lies with us for every single action of ours.

How I Handle Stress

I let myself loose, i go with the flow, I cry, throw emotional and behavioural tantrums, get cranky, get into emotional/binge eating, sleep a lot. After a stipulated time depending on the gravity of the situation, I shake myself, dust the negativity, stand tall & straight and am back to life, back to my roles, responsibilities and duties. Evaluate controllable and uncontrollable factors and work in a focused direction which enables me to be sound and rational.

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